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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which Comic Books To Get Graded And Why

    This article has more to do with the factors that you should be aware of before sending your comics to get graded by CGC or PGX instead of a long list of exact books you should send in, although there will be a few examples listed here in which comic books to get graded and why.

Sending in your comics to get graded by CGC can add a lot of value to your comic book collection if you know which ones to send in and why. Because getting them grading isn't cheap, you have to be smart in determining which comics make the cut when deciding if you should get them graded.

First of all, older comics in the golden to silver age should always be the first to consider getting them graded professionally. For example, any Amazing Spider-man comics from the 1st series within issues 1-10 should be considered, unless a comic is obviously in Poor condition.

Any key issue book from golden to modern age should be considered as well. However, there is a condition when dealing with Modern comics to get CGC graded.

That condition is make sure you can spot comic books that are above 9.4 NM. When dealing with modern comic books, you want your comics to be graded no less than a 9.6. If your modern age books come back a normal 9.4 NM, you've wasted your money getting them graded.


If you do, you're highly wasting your money getting them CGC'd! Check the Overstreet Guide to determine if your Modern book is of value!

Copper Age books are a bit different. For example, you do not want to send in a Wolverine #1 (Vol 1) to get graded unless you can determine that the grade is pretty high to begin with. A Wolverine #1 at a 9.4 is perfectly fine. Unlike silver age books, a Wolverine #1 (Vol 1) that you can grade yourself at a VG is not a worthwhile book to get graded.

Certain bronze age key issues are perfectly fine to send in that you can grade yourself at a VG. Of course, Hulk #181 is a good book. Giant Size X-Men #1 (1975) is perfectly fine to send in, unless the book is in Poor condition.

So let's review this here:

1. You want to consider sending in older books to get graded.

2. Preferably key issues.

3. Modern age books should be graded prior by yourself, and determined an extremely high grade before sending them in. Send only Modern age books of value! Not just any issue. If you can get modern books signed by a hot comic artist or a comic creator like Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and get it CGC Signature Series certified, even better.

To find out about the CGC Signature Series, read the article by clicking the link.

4. Copper age keys should be sent in if you've determined the grade at least a 9.4 NM. The lowest you should send in is a book you can eyeball at a VF for copper age keys.

5. Certain mega key issues, like the 1st appearance of Wolverine or The Punisher shouldn't be lower than a VG to be considered sending into CGC.

It's important that you somewhat can look at a comic book and grade it yourself. You should at least know the difference between a NM 9.4 and a VG.


  1. This article is a few years old, but I just found your website today.

    I determine grading by using statistics. I take the CGC census and plot it on Excel. A quick YouTube video of grouped data statistics can show you how to do this if you don't know how. I get the mean and the standard deviation. And if I think it will fall in the 68% (ex: Mean 5.0, Standard deviation 0.5, so 4.5-5.5), then I will get it graded.

    Obviously if it is a high grade (which is mostly out of my budget as a 24 year old) then I wait for the CGC submission coupons to come around again.

    1. Interesting...can you post a link to the youtube video. We'd be interested in seeing this. Thanks!