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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Are CGC Signature Series Graded Comic Books?

So you may be wondering what the Signature Series comics are. The signature series of graded comics come with a yellow label and are an elite series by CGC that are graded comic books with signatures of artists, creators, writers, inkers of a particular issue or title.

Unlike other CGC graded series, the signature series requires that an authorized representative of CGC witness the actual signing of the book. Because of this fact, most books must be submitted at comic conventions where comic writers, artists, and creators are scheduled to appear at CGC's booth.

You simply cannot send in a signed comic book through the mail and CGC will authenticate the signature. This is the reason why Signature Series graded books are an elite class of CGC graded comic books. Believe me, if Stan Lee was to appear at CGC's booth for a signing, there would be a huge line, and most people would not be able to even stand in that line for only a limited amount of people are able to do so.

Believe me, having a CGC Signature Series comic book of 300 by comic creator Frank Miller or a Wolverine #1 signed by Stan Lee and at a high grade will add tremendous value to the book.

A high grade of these particular comics in the CGC Signature Series? Fuggedaboudid! These can easily be valued in the thousands.

Unlike unslabbed signed books, the Signature Series authenticates each signature on the book because the signing was witnessed.

Certain signatures add great value to certain comic issues, because these signatures are not easy to get and this fact makes the comic more rare...even if a lot of high grade unsigned copies are floating around.

So if you're ever lucky to be in the position of getting a famous comic artists signature at a comic convention, give it a try to hit up that CGC booth, and who knows, maybe you'll be one of the lucky few to stand in line and get Stan Lee's or Frank Miller's autographed comic to be CGC authenticated.

After you get the signage, just fill out the paperwork at the booth, pay the fees, and have those comics sent in to be graded by CGC and who knows...maybe you can have that 9.9 NM CGC Signature Series comic book.

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