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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Green Lantern 2 Gets The Green Light...Already!

It's no mistake that the new Green Lantern movie got some pretty lousy reviews, and after seeing the movie myself, it's not on my top ten list of favorite comic book movies.

The soft opening for Green Lantern should be a concern, as attendance for the jaded cosmic one was lower than both Daredevil and Ghost Rider...not a good sign there. It's opening weekend saw only $53 million and dropped drastically, a considerable loss concerning the 200 million dollar budget the film needed for 3-D production alone. Yikes!

However, the folks at WB have given the green light for a sequel to Green Lantern. Does this mean that Green Lantern comic books get extra juice for demand?


From what I saw, the Green Lantern movie gave a little boost in demand for Green Lantern books but not much. If there's any GL books that you should try to or's Green Lantern (Vol 2) #7.

Why? Because it's the first appearance of the Green Lantern Corps arch nemesis - Sinestro, and getting a copy of this issue is not an easy find. However, it's still hugely affordable. A VG, according to last years overstreet guide, is only $80, which gives you more leeway to invest in a mid grade copy of GL #7 at around $120.

A very fine would be around $310, but I am not taking into account three variables here.

1. Who knows how much this issue will go up in the new Overstreet Price Guide coming out this month.

2. The comic market is pretty down, and most comic dealers (SMART COMIC DEALERS) are slashing at least 25% off Guide Prices on their books.

3. Who knows how much the price for this issue will ramp up once news spreads that Green Lantern 2 is going to happen. Of course, I have no doubt the sequel will focus more on Sinestro being the ultimate baddie.

Of course, if can afford the scratch for a Green Lantern #1, then by all means, get it if you don't already have it. A VG is at $ uhmm, it wont be long before that price moves upward.

If you're wondering to find some early Silver Age books of Green Lantern, NewKadia has quite a few in the 1-10 range, too! I would say a Green Lantern #2 would be a good investment choice...sequel or no.

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