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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DC Comics Books To Get Now If You're Smart And Why!

I know...I know. I haven't been writing too much on DC comics, and what comics you should invest in the near future and why. So let's kick this off here.

Adventure Comics #283 

Why? Because it's the very first appearance of General Zod, who is to be the villain in the new Superman "Man of Steel" reboot. Michael Shannon will be playing the military fascist general of Krypton.

This comic also introduces the Phantom Zone, of course, where Zod was exiled. This comic is still very affordable. A VF is $165 bucks according to the New Overstreet Guide. Not bad.

Green Lantern (Vol 2) #7

Of course this will be the very 1st appearance of Sinestro. Who else were you expecting, and it's been confirmed that Green Lantern will have a sequel. As if the movie didn't set that up at the end. Anyways, the going guide on this is still pretty inexpensive. 

VG value is around $96, while mid grade copies will cost around $144. VF and NM grades...expect to shell out some hard earned cash, for they will valued at around $392 to $1600. Yowza!

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