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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Best Wolverine Comics - Key Issue List Of Wolverine Comics

Are you the best there is at what you do? If so, you probably love the "Snikt" and "Snakt" of everyone's favorite, feisty, little bezerker mutie, too. No more wondering what the best Wolverine comics, Bub! No more running around trying to find out a key issue list of Wolverine comics!

Here's all the best and important key issue Wolverine comic books that you should absolutely sink your claws into.

1. Wolverine Limited Series #1 - 4 (1982)
The second issue marks the first appearance of Mariko Yashida!

2. Wolverine #1 1st Regular On-going Series Vol 2 (1988)
1st Wolverine as Patch & 1st regular series issue!

3. Wolverine #10 Regular Series Vol 2 (1988) - 1st battle with Sabretooth.

I'm not including variants here, and this list only pertains to Wolverine titles, not character. So as you can see, there aren't that many key issues worth grabbing up, so what's the best strategy for this? HIGH GRADE ON ALL OF THEM! Preferably CGC, too!

These issues are relatively easy to find, but are worth getting as investment comics, and the new Wolverine sequel is slated for a July 2013 release, so it's wise to get the 1982 Wolverine Limited Series run, as the movie is largely based on those comics. 

Just click the comic cover images to find awesome copies of these key Wolverine comics.

Looking for a more in-depth key issues list for Wolverine? No problem, just click the link to see a bigger and more detailed Wolverine Key Issues list.

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