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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are CGC Comics A Good Investment

Since CGC began, the universal comic grading company, has revolutionized the comic book industry forever. No longer did comic collectors or investors worried about getting the exact grade they were paying for from sketchy comic book dealers like in the old days.

Nowadays, professional graders at CGC can guarantee that your comic is certain grade by giving it a graded number. However, are CGC comics a good investment?

The answer is - It depends!

As in terms of buying CGC graded comics for investment purposes still depends on what you're buying and or comics you're investing in. Remember, rarity and demand are the key factors in a valuable comic book.

I would rather buy a Hulk 181 CGC graded at VG than buy an unslabbed comic book off ebay from a seller who claims their copy is a 9.4 NM. Why is that? Because way too often have I received a book that was listed as NM and got a low-mid grade copy or, even worse, a VG copy.

Overpaying for your comic books is the BIGGEST reason why many comic collectors lose money in the game of comic book collecting and investing.

Another point is that if you're buying CGC graded copies, you should be getting KEY ISSUES @ the highest grade you can afford. Remember, there are going to be way more copies of an X-MEN #1 at VG than opposed to a VF!

Getting a CGC graded 9.8 Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 is a waste. Big deal...there are tons of copies of that book floating around at 9.6 & 9.8. In fact, I'd refrain from investing in any modern CGC graded comic book unless:

  1. It is a high demand key issue like the 1st appearance of Deadpool (New Mutants #98). 
  2. It is a very limited independent comic book print run like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1.
  3. A very limited variant cover run.
Other than those factors above, I don't even bother with most Modern comic books CGC graded or unslabbed books.

Now, if you're thinking of sending your comics to be graded by CGC, please read this article to learn about what factors you should know in deciding which comic books to get graded and why.


  1. What are your thoughts on PGX? I normally stick to CGC but last weekend I picked up a low grade PGX 2.5 ASM #4 instead of getting a raw copy that was about the same price. I've heard that they have had problems in the past and that they don't carry the same trust that a CGC copy of the same grade would carry.

    1. I've heard a lot of bad things about PGX. You're right, they're definitely not as trusted as CGC, but I've been hearing bad things about CGC recently as well and CGC is starting to lose some trust in the market. Personally, though, I'll choose CGC over PGX. They usually sell for more.

    2. Thanks for your reply. Either way I guess worst case scenario I have a really nice comic holder :)

    3. At least you know it's not a Restored copy, so that's a definite plus.

  2. Very true! My friend just got took for a few thousand on a couple of high value rare books including X-Men #1 VF and Green Lantern #1 F-VF both came back CGC Restored. He bought them both on Craigslist of all places. I looked over both books and I couldn't find the resto but when I used my coin grading loupe you could just see where it was touched up. The worst thing is the guy is still trying to sell off all these restored high dollar books on Craigslist despite being reported a guess a few times for this scam. I just hope he learned a lesson on trusting people you don't know on High dollar unslabbed books.

    1. Man, that sucks big time. Just another reason why I'm not a big fan anymore of buying high dollar, older keys unslabbed or raw. Too much risk and too many douche bags out there who don't care about ripping collectors off.