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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Amazing Spiderman Lizard Star Rhys Ifans Arrested At San Diego Comic Con!

If you've yet to know, it was revealed at the San Diego Comic Con that Rhys Ifans will  be playing Dr. Curt Conners aka The Lizard in The Amazing Spiderman movie. Rhys is most noted for his comedic roles in Notting Hill as Spike and The Replacements as Nigel Gruff, the fun loving, field goal kicker who smokes on the field.

 However, there was nothing comedic about his performance at the San Diego Comic Con. Before The Amazing Spiderman panel, Ifans stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and became hostile when he tried to re-enter the hall and was delayed by security due to a member of his entourage not having the proper credentials to enter.

Ifans, smelling strongly of alcohol, became aggressive and abusive towards the female guard before shoving her to get through. After the panel, the female guard made a citizens arrest and police cited Ifans with misdemeanor battery.

Police reported that Ifans was abusive the whole time and even berated The United States of America, claiming this country sucks and he never wants to come back.

A spokesperson for Sony claims Ifans deeply regrets the incident.

Sure, I bet he does, and, Ifans, we don't want you back.

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