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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Factors Make A Comic Book Go Up In Value Because of The Movie

A lot of times, I see people think that just because a movie based off a comic book that's in production or just hit theaters means that they should stock up on just any comic book of that title. If you went into a comic shop and just bought a bunch of modern age Thor comics because of the movie, you made a bad investment choice.

Just because a movie hits theaters based on a comic book, doesn't mean that the value will rise for every single issue of that comic. Yes, Thor comics may be hot now, but certain Thor comics will be affected by the movie.

So lets take the recent Thor movie to hit theaters. What factors determines that certain issues will rise in value because of the movie? Well, first you need to take a look at the movie and the cast of characters.

Who will be in the Thor movie? The Destroyer is in the movie, so finding the very 1st appearance of the Destroyer would be a wise move. What about the Warriors Three? Yes, they're in the movie also. If you have Thor comics with the Warriors Three in them, there's a very good chance the value of those comics will be affected.

Two, is the main story plot-line of the movie taken from a story-arc to particular issues of the comic series? Did you know that the Spider-Man 2 movie actually took a lot of the plot line from the Amazing Spider-Man #50 comic?

Speaking of Spider-Man. Let's talk about the reboot. Which comic from that series do you think will have a great amount of interest and demand enough to push that value upward? If you guessed Amazing Spider-Man #6, you guessed right! The villain in the new Spidey movie is The Lizard, and that issue is sure to rise in value.

So don't go out and run around trying to get just any issue of a comic because a movie is coming out, and don't think that a comic movie is going to make every issue of that particular comic title go up in value. It won't.

Some issues will get a huge push in value from a movie, and others won't. However, it's almost guaranteed that many Silver Age issues of that comic will go up if a movie is made of that comic character. So where do you think your best bets are?

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