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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Valuable Bronze Age Comic Books - Key Issues To GET NOW!

Right now silver age comic books are hot, but if you're looking to expand the value of your comic collection, quite a number of key issues have come out the bronze age of comic books. There's no doubt that in a few years, bronze age comic books will become extremely hot like silver age books are now.

So, keep that in mind and start looking for these valuable key issue treasures to beef up your collection before they're even farther out of reach of your wallet. Here are a few hot picks to watch out for and in no particular order of importance:

1. Star Wars #1 (Marvel) 
 (low VF available at the link at the time of writing.)

First Appearance of the Punisher  
( CGC 7.5 available at the link to check it out!)

First Ras Al Ghul

First Appearance Conan

Movie reboot has come and gone but a new Conan entitled The Legend of Conan starring Arnold...yes, that in talks and will start shooting this year! Even more reason to grab it asap.

(CGC 8.5 the link to get it!)

New X-Men Team introduced! First Appearance of Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler
A CGC 9.8 use to be available but has been swiped. CGC 9.2 as well as other grades are available. Just click the blue title link or the comic image to check 'em out!)


6. Green Lantern #76 
First Neal Adams Art

First Brief Appearance of Wolverine  
(This is fast becoming the true 1st app of Wolvie. Whopping CGC 9.4 NM copy available at time of this writing so click the link!)

First Full Appearance of Wolverine  
(CGC 9.6 and 9.0 graded copies available at Click the link to check it out)

First Appearance of Sabretooth

First Appearance of Thanos

11. Marvel Spotlight #5 
Origin/First Appearance Ghost Rider

Classic Neal Adams Cover
 (Fine + Copy found at Newkadia. If you prefer raw/unslabbed comics, click the title link or comic image to grab this comic plus 20% off if you're a new customer)

New X-Men begins in regular title series

(As of this writing, a CGC Graded 9.4 is available at A 9.6 was once available, but it seems to be gone. The CGC 9.4 copy probably won't be  available much longer either. Click the link to check it out or snag it!)

14. X-Men 101 
First Phoenix

(9.0 CGC Graded Copy at the link above!)


Death of Phoenix/Dark Phoenix 
(as of this writing a Very Fine Plus of this comic is available at New Kadia with great discounts as well. Get X-Men 137!)

If you can find 'em then bag 'em. Who knows when you'll come across the opportunity again? And of course, I give you a few leads to make your search just a tad easier

But this isn't over. You can read Part 2 to see even more valuable bronze age key issue comic books.

Part 1 | Part 2>> 


  1. Thanks for the list, after reading this ive realised how poor my Bronze age collection is, i have fantastic Silver and Modern age collections, now il have to do something about that Bronze, many thanks Frosty

  2. No problem, and thanks for checking out my blog...feel free to check back often and send your friends this way.

  3. After carefully looking over my collection, I must say that my collection really needed work. Thanks to all your comic book info my collection has greatly improved. I now not only have one hell of a silver age, bronze, copper and modern collection. The best thing about my collection is that 80% of them are CGC signature series. Once again, thank you.

    1. I have many signatures from many various key titles by Stan Lee.

    2. Great! Stan Lee's signatures are extremely valuable and it is not a wonder why they are. You made some great choices there!

    3. i have hundreds of bronze age comics could any of you help me with them. i would like to sell them.

    4. It really depends on what kind of bronze age comics do you have?

  4. Thanks for the kudos, and I'm glad my info has helped to improve the over-all value of your collection. That's one of the main reasons I started Total Comic help those from making the mistakes I made collecting comics as an investment.

    I had to learn things the hard way, and I'm thrilled that what I learned is helping other collectors out there. Your collection sounds like it's rockin' an rollin'. Who is your favorite signature so far?

    Be sure to stay tuned and spread the word about Total Comic Mayhem. Thanks for the comment and joining the convo. Always appreciated!