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Thursday, May 19, 2011

UPDATE: Amazing Spider-Man 2-4 Are Gone At NewKadia

In my previous post, Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 were still up at NewKadia comics. Now both are gone and Amazing Spider-Man #4 (1st appearance of The Sandman) has also been snagged by a smart comic investor.

However, NewKadia still has an Amazing Spider-Man #6 (1st appearance of The Lizard) at a FINE grade. The Very Good Plus copy seems to have been taken by someone with the foresight that this particular issue that boasts the very first appearance of the scaley Lizard is gonna rise in value once the new Spidey flick hits theaters.

Why should you pick up this particular issue at NewKadia besides the fact the new Spidey reboot will have The Lizard as the main baddie? Can we say 30% off? Yes, it's already going for $497. 61 at NewKadia and Overstreet Guide Value is $ 513.00. That will change when the new price guide comes out next month.

And, no! It won't be for less in the updated new guide.

So, let's do the math. 30% of 497.61 is $348.33. How much did you save off the current Overstreet Guide value? You saved $164.67 bucks. NOT BAD! I already have my copy of the very first appearance of The Lizard so I'm not worried about it.

Then again. Maybe I should grab me an extra copy. After all, it won't hurt the value of my collection any.

At the time of this posting, The X-Men #1 issue at GOOD plus is still up, and I'm surprised at that. With X-Men First Class coming out quite soon, I figured there would be more smart comic investors to snag that copy in a hurry.

When the new Overstreet hits soon, expect to shelling out quite a bit more for both those books. Now, is the perfect time to get them, and if you want to increase your investment value, go to NewKadia, get their huge discounts, and snag those comics up.

UPDATE: Newkadia is out of Amazing Spider-Man 1-10, but has  a #1 at a whopping CGC 8.5, #2 and #6. Just click the link to check them out and add them to your comic collection.


  1. Nice article! Speaking of Amazing Spider-Man #4, I just picked up a copy off of eBay for $144... The book is in GOOD condition. Lots of small tears and creases, the upper spine is a little ugly but.. Its Spider-Man #4!!

    That site you speak of I've never heard before but I'm checking it out now and it looks like I'll be spending more money! lol...

    Great blog!

  2. Thanks for the kudos, man, and kudos to you for pickin' up ASM #4. Amazing Spidey titles are always great investments, as well as early X-Men & Uncanny...two titles you can never go wrong with.

    Also, be wary of buying books online...make sure you check your books delicately from the first to the last page...sometimes there are missing pages and the seller wont even realize it because they never took it out of the sleeve.