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Monday, May 2, 2011

Selling Comic Book Back Issues And Selling Comics For Cash Part 1

If you've collected comic books for a while now, you probably know that selling comic back issues can be a confusing and painful experience. After all, you've spent good money, energy, and time collecting these treasures and want the best return for them, right?

Knowing how and where to sell your comics is part of comic investing. After all, who cares if your comics are valuable if you can't reach people who are willing to buy your comics at the best prices.

There are many approaches to selling your comic book collection. It just all depends on what you're expecting, what you have, and the realities of the comic book market at the time.

First off, you have to know what you've got! So many times, I hear somebody come up to me and go, "I found some really old comics in my closet the other day."

My normal response: "Are they from the 90s?"

The normal answer: "Yeah, they are!"

Okay, if you know comics, you would know that most comics from the 90s aren't worth squat. Many of them are even hard to sell at the cover price you paid for them.

90s comics ARE NOT old! Even worse, most people don't even want them. Of course, there are a few exceptions and some issues from the 90s that are valuable.

Know what you have and if they're truly valuable!    

If you have some old silver age or bronze age comic books, you will have a lot more options in selling your comics for cash. Why? Because they are in demand! Which brings me to another thing you must figure out.

What's the reason you're selling your comics?

  • For example, are you hard up for cash? 
  • Do you just want to get rid of them? 
  • Do you want to start a business?  
  • Have you made enough profit and just want to cash in?

All these questions will have a different time limit for selling your comics. They will also have different results as well.

Let's take the first one, which is the most common and the major reason why most people get screwed when they sell off their collection.''

If you're hard up for cash, you will get screwed when it comes time to dump your collection. Your time limit is small and you probably won't do enough research (like reading this blog) to get the best deal for your books.

Most likely, you'll bring your collection to a comic dealer and sell the whole thing off for literally next to nothing. Then bitch and complain about it later.

Here's the thing, however. That's what you get! A comic dealer is not in the business of buying your comics so you can get the best possible price.  

It is not their job to do the research and find the best places where you can get the best price for your books. That's your job.  If you don't have the time to do that or need the money so bad...well, you're going to have to take a loss. 

Dealers will purchase your books way below a books recommended guide value. Most likely 30% of guide value at whatever grade they determine it's at.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 cover
Even worse, they wont buy your complete collection. They'll pick it apart and only buy books they can turn around fast. Most dealers are looking for books pre-1975 with the possible exception of major key issues like Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1st appearance of Venom) or Giant Size X-Men #1 (1975).


You will get jipped, and jipped badly!

If you have valuable comic books...I mean valuable (Do your research on this) can also strike up a consignment deal with your local comic dealer. They usually take between a 20 to 30% cut.

But you know what? Even that's way too much! 

With all the online places that accept consignments for valuable books and only charge a 10% or 13% fee, why would you take your books to your local comic dealer and have him or her take 30% out of the final price. Ridiculous!


Yes, that does mean you'll be selling them piece by piece and that will take more time. The thing is, however, you will get a better result if you're willing to put in just a bit of extra time to get the most for your comics.

In the next part, you'll find out some places where you can sell your comics for cash, depending on your situation.

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