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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The NEW GOLD RUSH - Silver Age Comics!

The silver age of comics changed the face of comics by changing the industry to a more super hero driven market. There's no doubt that a lot of the superheroes that we know today were spawned during the silver age of comics. However, no other time than right now has silver age comics become in high demand.

There's a new gold rush going on, and it ain't looking for the nice, shiny, yellow's mining for silver age comic books!

Unlike, modern age comics, comic books from the silver age weren't mass produced. They weren't mass produced like comics today, and the people who bought comics during the 60s didn't think they'd be worth a thing.

Fast forward to today and a high grade Amazing Fantasy #15 breaking the million dollar mark. Who back then would've thunk it? A select few, and that's why silver age comics are rare.

I predict that most modern comics today will take at least 60 to 70 years for them to be rare, if they ever will be. Too many people are taking care of them, and with many of them being slabbed and graded by CGC and PGX, high grade copies are more than abundant.

So if you're collecting modern age comics for investment purposes, you're on the wrong path...unless you're speculating on those low print run indies, and that's a huge gamble. Read more on the myths and truths to comic investing before you waste your hard-earned dollars.

The real gold is in those old silver age books, and I recommend seeking out KEY ISSUES! Not to say those silver age filler books wont amount to anything. They surely will, but only if they're at a mid-grade plus and up. Those dirt GD and VG will take a bit longer to increase in value.

However, an X-Men #1 or 2 at VG is still a solid investment choice for the common man who doesn't have a large wad of cash to throw around. Silver age keys, and with Hollywood's big interest in pushing out comic book related movies, those keys are only going to keep being pushed up in value.

If you're interested in making wiser investment choices concerning comics, read my article about tips on comic investing. If you want a good list of key silver age comics that will continue to rise well past 2012, click to read the article.

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