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Friday, May 27, 2011

Modern Comic Investing - The Important List of Valuable Modern Age Comics

In my last article or post, I explained my fear and disdain of modern comic investing...meaning investing in Modern Age well as the factual factors in comic history of why I personally don't waste my time investing in new comics. If you missed the article you can read it here at Modern Comic Investing - A Good or Bad Choice?

However, at the end of that article, I did write that there are quite a few valuable Modern Age books that comic investors should take note of or consider acquiring. Here's a short list that will be expanded in different posts through time:

1. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Variant

I generally don't like variants whatsoever, but when it comes to a wise investment choice, this variant has clout and cannot be denied. The estimated quantity printed of this copy is only 900 and it guides for $225 at NM. No bad, huh?

2. Spawn #1 B&W Sketch Variant

Super cool variant cover and goes for a whopping $280 NM.

3. Ultimate Spider-Man #1
Extremely tricky because of so many damn variants, DF exclusives, FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) and K-B exclusive versions of this #1 issue. Be sure not to get the K-B exclusive, thinking that you got the original 1st printing. It's hard to tell them apart, unlike the DF, FCBD, and Target versions, which have different covers or are marked.
This standard comic version guides for $75 at NM, and an estimated 90,000 or so copies are floating around.

4.Blackest Night #1 Sketch Variant

Holy cow, Batman! Can it be I finally put a DC comic book up here? Yes, even though I'm more of a Marvel guy, there are a lot of DC Comics that should be mentioned at Total Comic Mayhem. My bad. So let's start off with this one. 

Blackest Night Sketch Variant. This sketch cover was pre-ordered at a whopping $202 dollars. This was even before the comic and cover was revealed. Crazy! It's now running around at $100 for a NM.

5. Batman & Robin #1 Sketch Variant
Speaking of Batman! This badboy variant sketch cover (1:250) is another example of a Modern Age comic that broke the hundred dollar mark. Actually, it's guiding around for $150.

The problem with these sketch variants is who knows if the value will drop and when. Unlike key Silver Age comics who demand won't ever cease and values continue to rise, Modern Age books like these could possibly lose demand for them and end up a lot less than what you paid for.

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Of course, if you want to take a gander at a list of Copper Age Comic goodies to consider investing in, you click and see my list of Valuable Copper Age Comics to invest in.


  1. Chew #1 and Walking Dead #1 are now going for silly money, not sure how great they are aslong term investments though.

  2. If those comics are low print runs, then they should hold up as good investments for the future. Probably best to do a little research or seek out a pretty high grade.

  3. There's a very short list of modern comics. Chew 1-4, Walking Dead 1-9, Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 sketch variant (only 1,000 printed), Ultimate Spiderman #1 (variant listed). There's a couple of Batman variants that could make the cut like 608. But all of that 1:200 crape is usually toilet paper. The worthwhile variants are at 2000 print run or lower.

  4. You're right bc, which is why I tend to steer clear from any kind of modern comic investing. It's the ONLY age where I've lost more money than ever profited from as opposed to golden, silver, and bronze age comics.

    And there's only a few exceptions of places that will actually sell them. I mean the high profile sites like comiclink and comic connect that will actually do consignments for many modern age comics, which makes selling them a real pain in the butt.

    Thanks for the input and adding the other comics in your comment so those who are banking on modern comics to invest in can seek them out.

    1. I mean that high profile sites like comiclink and comic connect rarely even accept modern age comics to list or do auctions on their site, with the rare few exceptions like Walking Dead #1.

  5. how can i tell the different between ultimate spider-man #1 and the kb version

  6. The regular first print Ultimate Spider-Man #1 has the words "Direct Edition" on the UPC. The KB toys variant does not.