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Friday, May 27, 2011

Deadpool Invester Comic - 2 Deadpool Comics To Be Concerned About Before The Movie Hits!

 When the character Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, debuted in Wolverine's movie - X-Men Origins, it was clear there was a reason for this oddity...a Deadpool Solo Movie. Now, it seems most comic collectors are looking for that Deadpool investor comic to get before his movie erupts and raises the value on them.

If you're unsure what Deadpool comics to get, I'm more than happy to advise you that there are two Deadpool related comics you absolutely must get.

The first is -

The New Mutants #98

Always try to get the very first Appearance of a character if a movie features or even has a cameo appearance of him. In this case, he'll have a whole feature flick dedicated to him, so grab the issue that introduced him into the comic book world. New Mutants #98 sees the first appearance of Deadpool and this comic has had a very solid track record of demand and one of the best Copper Age comics to invest in.

Do you have to get a CGC graded comic? No. Do you have to get a high-grade 9.9? No! Make sure you get at least a VERY FINE or higher grade. 

Deadpool #1 (1997 Series)

This is Deadpool #1 from his very first on-going series in 1997, and the movie rumors already put a dent in demand for this comic. Much like Wolverine, Deadpool had a previous 4 issue limited series before getting his own featured titled series. 

This is a Modern Age comic so do not settle for less than a CGC 9.6. There are plenty of high grade copies floating around in the market so the ideal would be a 9.8. 

Furthermore, this comic came out during the height of the comic book crash during the 90s, and the reason it crashed was because the comic industry at the time were over printing comic books due to the speculator market.

So I'm expanding the list here:

1. New Mutants #98 (1st appearance of Deadpool)
2. X-Force #2 (2nd appearance of Deadpool)
2. Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1st Limited series) issues 1-4
3. Deadpool #1 (1997 on-going series.

There they are - The Deadpool investor comics to get before the movie. Good luck and happy hunting! If you're a fan and want a more detailed list of Deadpool key issues, click the link below.

Update 2014: DEADPOOL MOVIE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY FOX!!! Click the link if you've yet heard this news, and the information in this post is even more relevant considering these key issues as comic investments.

You may want to check good ole eBay for these books as demand for them will soar and now is the time to snag them before prices get overly ridiculous.


  1. I find it fascinated about New Mutants #98. I read online that this comic shouldn't be so highly valued, because there are so many copies out there. And yet this one constantly sells for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I don't care one way or the other, but it is really interesting when a modern book like New Mutants moves into "key" status and the old-timers get all angry about it. I guess if people are willing to pay mad money for it (for an extended amount of time) then it is a key book!

    1. I don't think the old timers are necessarily angry about it. I think they question it more because there are so many copies floating around concerning the first appearance of Deadpool.

      They're just spouting to be cautious about it. The demand is high for New Mutants #98. I've always stated this is a Copper Age worth getting. Wow, this post is back in 2011 and probably one of the first ones I wrote up.

      However, it is a bit strange that it shot up so quickly because of movie hype. It didn't simmer. It just exploded within two days. That's pretty darn fast, so I do have to admit that I am a bit cautious about it doing that.

      Thanks for the comment and your input.

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