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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Comic Auctions Week of May 15 - 21

Searching for comic books, collectible action figures, or original comic book art? Here are my auctions running for the week of May 15 - 21st. So fellow fanboys and collectors, check 'em out, and remember that if you got them, you found out about them right here at Total Comic Mayhem. So keep coming back to see what other goodies I'll have up on good ole ebay.

If you're a fan of original comic art drawings and Ron Lim, Silver Surfer or Thanos, you need to check out this piece by one of the most hailed cosmic comic artists to ever pencil Silver Surfer. It's a gorgeous piece depicting an awesome battle between these two cosmic titans. Trust me, it's worth checking out so click title link above.

2. Ron Lim THANOS #7 page 4 Original Comic Art RARE PEICE

Super great original comic art page from the Thanos limited series. Thanos in almost every panel! Another masterpiece by Ron Lim.

3. Journey Into Mystery #123 Silver Age 1965 THOR Comic

Hey, the Thor movie is out in theaters and the comic books will still be going through the roof even when Thor falls out from the theaters. Why? Because he's surely not done yet with the upcoming Avengers movie, and there's no doubt a sequel will be in the works. Time to stock up on Thor silver age books if you're smart. Don't miss this auction.

4. FAUST Original Comic Book Art Drawing TIM VIGIL Inked

Remember the independent comic book FAUST by Tim Vigil? Well, the very 1st printings were unbelievably low, but the Faust comics put Tim Vigil's name in the comic book world. This is a super rare comic drawing of Faust by Tim Vigil done in India Ink. It's a truly gorgeous piece, so if you're a fan, you don't want to miss this original comic art drawing.

Well, that's it for now, but like I said, there's sure plenty more to come so be sure to come back often and see what other collectible goodies just waiting to become a treasured part of your collection. STAY TUNED!

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