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Monday, May 16, 2011

Are CGC Copper Age Comics A Good Investment In 2011

So you're wondering are CGC Copper Age comics a good investment in 2011? That all depends on which Copper Age books you are thinking about snagging and at what grade.

There's three comics I can think of from the Copper Age that are solid investments to get straight away, and if you're dealing with Copper Age comics, the higher the grade the better. Unlike Silver Age books, very good or mid-grade books are not worth your time nor money with investing in Copper Age comics.

So what are these comics that I'm stressing to snag immediately from the Copper Age? Here's one for you to sink your canines into -

 Wolverine #1 from the 1988 Regular Series Why? Can you say The Wolverine. This sequel to the Wolverine: Origins movie is slated for a 2012 release, so interest in the first solo series is once again coming back strong.

What CGC grade should you get this book at? No less than a VF plus. NM is better, and NM plus is even better. It would probably be wise to get this comics are already starting to become more in demand!

What's the second book? Here's a hint: The Deadpool movie has Ryan Reynolds committed, as well as Tim Miller directing. Although no official release date has been given, it's a no-brainer that this movie will come out soon, so why not snag a nice CGC graded copy of New Mutants #98?  

[Update, since I've suggested New Mutants #98, the value of this book in the real time market place has gone up dramatically.]

The third comic that you should be considering is Transformers #1 (Marvel Series), as everyone already knows that the third movie installment is coming out this summer. Don't think this should be the only reason to get this comic. This book at high grade is still affordable.

A NM plus is still around $50 bucks according to recent Overstreet Price Guide values, but this may change once the new Overstreet Price Guide comes out in June of this year. So, best to get it right before you find out it's doubled in price this June!

If you want a list of more Copper Age comics, you should think about investing in - CGC graded or not - click the link to check it out. 

Wondering where to buy CGC comics? Visit the link to find out some of the best places online and offline when it comes to CGC comic books for sale.

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