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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Amazing Spider-man 129 - Why You Need To Get It And Fast!

If you're a serious investor in comic books, you know certain key issues are a must to build your comic book collection's value. I know I've stressed about collecting KEY SILVER AGE COMICS, but there are a few Bronze Age comic books that are goldmines. One of these comic books to invest in and buy now is Amazing Spider-man 129.

Why this comic book? There's no other 1st appearance key issue from the bronze age of Amazing Spider-man comics that's more important than the very first appearance of The Punisher. As comic geeks know, The Punisher became a hugely popular character since his first run in with the web slinger.

Who can deny that The Punisher is one of the coolest vigilante characters in the history of comics? With his Death Wish approach to justice and the bullets to back it up, he's more dirty than Dirty Harry, and it isn't any wonder why fans have taken to the character.

However, even more important is the demand for this book has increased. It's absolutely one of the most important bronze age comics to invest in of all time.

Ebay auctions for this book are being bought well above current guide prices (this is to be seen when the new Overstreet comes out this month). No matter. The value is rising and getting this book at it's lowest possible price is key when investing in comics.

In April,  an Amazing Spider-man #129 CGC 9.2 went for $750 dollars on ebay, and mid-grade unslabbed copy went for $227.00. The longer you wait, the less investment return you make on this book. So if you're wondering which book to invest in and got some spare cash, you now know the answer.

Where can you find this bad boy? also has this comic at a CGC 8.5. You can click the link to go directly to the page and grab this graded copy of Amazing Spider-man 129 at

Another place to find this book is ebay, of course. You can get ungraded copies or CGC or PGX graded copies of Amazing Spider-Man #129. I prefer to get graded copies as I want to be more sure I'm getting the grade I paid for. You can check out some copies of the first appearance of The Punisher below:

Or, if you've got a local comic convention coming up. You can always get great buys from the dealers at comic conventions. 

Trust me...try to haggle with the dealers a bit. They don't want to take excess stock back home. Besides the advantage of hitting up a dealer at a comic convention is that you can have the dealer show you the book to be sure you are getting the grade you pay for. There's way too many people selling comics on ebay who over-grade.

But if you prefer to go the online route and take your chances, just click the link to your left or log into that old ebay account. If you don't want to wait or are worried about getting outbid or ebay sellers who tend to over-grade their books, you can buy an instant CGC graded copy of Amazing Spider-man #129 by visiting the link. 

Looking for The Amazing Spider-Man #129 value for certain grades? Just visit the link to see current guide values as well as the values for this key issue in the past decades. 

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