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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #6 - 1st Appearance Of The Lizard

To be honest, the new Spider-man reboot doesn't look all that great. Actually, a lot of fans are fearing that it just might be lame. There's a good thing to this movie, though. Can we say, finally the lizard gets his due in a spidey flick, and this is great for what comic book? That's right....Amazing Spider Man 6 - 1st appearance of the lizard!

Not only is this issue an early silver age key in the very first Spider-Man comic series, but it's a key issue within the first ten issues. Now, that's a beautiful thing as many of Volume 1 Amazing Spidey's first ten issues are quite valuable and filled with 1st appearances.

The Lizard is just one of a few of these 1st appearance within the comic series' first ten, but what makes The Lizard different? The Lizard, as a villain, is a great choice for a movie baddie, and he has enough creepiness and an intriguing back story to make him the sole villain in any Spidey movie.

I mean, his back story is quite plausible. A genius scientist who loses his arm in a tragic accident and tries to figure out the genetics of a lizard's ability to regrow limbs and somehow splice that genetic code into human DNA so humans can have the same ability.

Of course, things go awry when Dr. Conners uses his own research on himself and takes the form of a lizard temporarily. With all the scientific research and advancements in genetics, it is very believable this can happen.

Let's rewind and take a look at Spider-Man 3. Why did it suck so much? It sucked because they made the same mistake as the very first Batman movie series did, the ones before the reboot. What was this mistake?

They started doing duo villains. You figure Marvel would've taken a lesson from Warner/DC, but no! They did the exact same mistake by putting The Sandman and Venom to share the badguy spotlight in a single movie. Look, if a villain isn't intriguing or interesting enough to capture an audience's attention alone, he or she ain't that strong of a villain within the comic book so don't put 'em in a movie.

Spider-Man 3 didn't need The Sandman in it at all. Venom is purely a spidey baddie that can stand on his own, and it would've made a much more interesting story if the writers concentrated more on making Venom and Eddie Brock as vicious as they're portrayed in the comics.

If Marvel doesn't learn from Warner/DC's mistake (which they seem to be doing once again in The Dark Knight Rises by putting Two or Three baddies in a single movie), the new Spidey movie and The Lizard can be just awesome and menacing like his character deserves to be.

I think the perfect visual model should be McFarlane's take on The Lizard. If the movie can capture McFarlane's interpretation of The Lizard, there's no doubt that the character is just going to look badass and quite scary.

Regardless, whether the movie sucks or bombs, there's no doubt that the 1st appearance of The Lizard in Amazing Spider-Man 6 is on the hot burner right now. Movie or no movie, it's just wise to get as many key issues within the first ten or thirty issues from the first Amazing Spider-Man comic series.

And it just so happens I've located a GD/VG copy of Amazing Spider-Man 6, so if you're looking to add a great investment copy, what are you waiting for?

Click the link to get Amazing Spider-Man 6 - 1st appearance of The Lizard. There's only one copy left so don't lose out. 

There's also some copies of this key issue Spider-Man comic on ebay as well you can check out. Hint: Try to get the CGC graded copies. Who knows what you're really buying when you get non-graded comics on ebay.


  1. My father bought me this issue from my local shop when I started collecting as a kid. It was my one old issue. It's in about a 2/10 CGC grade, but I think it will still go for $200 - $400 by the time the new movie is close to hitting. I could use the money to help with student loans, but like any long time collector knows, it's hard to part with something you've had for so long.

    I like the blog. I have a comic one as well you may like to check-out: Anyway, nice post!

  2. Thanks about the post and the blog comment...I know what you's hard to let something valuable go, especially since you've kept that issue around for so long...great job on that. Most don't hold on to a comic book long enough for them to see a nice profit off it. I checked out your blog and like it also.

  3. Like your comment and I couldn't agree with you more. I have so many things that I have collected over a 30 year span and its hard to let something go once you've grown so fond of.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and joining the conversation. Sometimes, you do have to let some comics go, but it's always a rough decision.

    With comic book investing, I do tend to upgrade on certain key issues if the opportunity arises and I can get a really good deal. When that happens, I do let my lower grade books go and replace it with a better grade.

    1. The reason SPiderman 3 Movie had Venom was the Company put pressure on Sam Raimi to include Venom. It was supposed to just be Sandman. In my opinion that would have been much better and as a result, the movie felt too contrived with The "goo from space" landing right near Peter's Bike...lame! Also, The Sandman looked cool and was enough to make a great movie with. Sam Raimi was doing a fine job before the big wigs started to put pressure on him...Spiderman 2 was freakin' Awesome!

    2. Well, it seems like they may be making the same mistake with the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Paul Giamatti will be playing The Rhino in the sequel, alongside Jamie Fox as Electro. Yes, I'm banging my head against the wall.

      Let's take two villains who's story have little to do with each other and cram them into a film. That's exactly what they did with Sandman and Venom in Spidey 3.

      I can't wait for the rights to all Marvel characters to go back to Marvel and see what they do with the characters.