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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #300 Value

Todd McFarlane artwork, first full appearance of Venom, a milestone 300th issue...what other reason do you need to get The Amazing Spider-Man #300 comic issue? Oh, yes, the price. Well, the Amazing Spider-Man #300 value can be intimidating, especially for a modern book.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 Cover

However, it shouldn't be. This key issue is a steadfast solid investment. If you're a fan of McFarlane's artwork like I am, it's just another reason to get your grubby paws on this sucker. Yet, if you're a fan of Venom, you just hit a double whamy on reasons to own this book. ASM #300 is the first appearance of Venom.

Right now Overstreet guide has the Amazing Spider-Man #300 value at around $150 smackers for an average 9.2  low NM copy. Pretty pricey.

However, an unslabbed copy will go for much less on places like ebay, but you must be warned. Getting unslabbed comics on ebay is a risk. You may overpay on a copy that's really in Fine condition from an overzealous seller who doesn't know how to grade.

Oh, I know we have ALL had that happen more than a few times. Don't get sad, though. If you're going the ebay route, buy a CGC graded copy. 

But enough of my rambling, lets see how this comic has performed in the last few decades: 

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:

Near Mint: $7.50
Fine: $3.75
Good: $1.25

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint (9.4): $85
Very Fine: $53
Fine: $21
 Very Good: $14
Good: $7

Overstreet 2012-13 Guide 42nd Edition:  

Near Mint (low 9.2) - $150
Very Fine - $63
Fine - $27
Very Good $18
Good - $9

Overstreet 2016-17 Guide 46th Edition:  

Near Mint (low 9.2) - $225
Very Fine - $125
Fine - $75
Very Good $50
Good - $25

As you can see the Amazing Spider-Man #300 values have gone up every decade since it's publication. What does 2020 hold for values on this book? I'm sure they'll get a nice jump as well.

Is there a reason to get an Amazing Spider-Man #300 at good or very good? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Remember, this comic is part of the Modern Age of comics, which means there are quite a bit of high grade copies floating around at 9.4.

Get this badboy at the minimum of VERY FINE. No less. If you want a true investment, get a CGC graded 9.6 or 9.8. These will be more expensive.

A CGC graded 9.6 Amazing Spider-Man #300 can sell anywhere from $250-300. Higher than 9.6?

Expect to shell out major bucks. Especially if you want a CGC 9.9. There are 3 of these ASM 300s graded at CGC 9.9. 

This key issue comic book isn't hard to find unslabbed. You can find them on ebay. 

However, I would get a higher graded CGC copy, and they too are plentiful on ebay. You can check out the search results on ebay for high grade CGC copies of Amazing Spider-Man #300 by clicking this link right here.

You can check out a high grade CGC 9.6 copy at as well by clicking this link if you're on the hunt for a high grade copy of Amazing Spider-Man #300. 

So let's recap here about buying this copy:

1. Don't get an unslabbed Amazing Spider-Man #300 on ebay, unless you don't care about getting ripped off.

2. Get a CGC or PGX graded copy.

3. Check your local comic dealer if you want an unslabbed copy. That way you can ask him to show it to you  so you can look it over and make sure it's at the grade it's advertised for.

4. VERY FINE and up. Don't bother with a low grade copy for modern books.

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    1. Awesome! Tell the one who shared it thanks for me, and glad you enjoyed the info. Loved the video about how to create Spidey web shooters. Thanks for sharing that! Awesome!

  2. There's even a chrome version of this comic which is more rarer and harder to find in high grade. Your thoughts?

    1. Chrome version is a reprint, but it is definitely a good one.

  3. Excellent blog and advice ... I have been collecting comics since high school but never had a clue on key issues and grading. This website has enlightened me and I now have a better understanding of comic books. I am very impressed with the content of this website and I will be a loyal follower from now on.

    1. Hello James Olympia, thanks and I'm glad this site can be of service for you. Thanks for commenting and dropping me a line. I will do my best to keep this site rich with information.

  4. Damn, literally just impulse purchased a ASM #300 on ebay for $125. Looked like issues in similar condition were selling via auction for $175-$200 so I figured it was a steal. Wish I had read this first!

  5. darleneartist2
    I am from Canada and have 300 mint in bag signed by mac Farland. Do you know how much it is worth?