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Friday, May 27, 2011

Modern Comic Investing - The Important List of Valuable Modern Age Comics

In my last article or post, I explained my fear and disdain of modern comic investing...meaning investing in Modern Age well as the factual factors in comic history of why I personally don't waste my time investing in new comics. If you missed the article you can read it here at Modern Comic Investing - A Good or Bad Choice?

However, at the end of that article, I did write that there are quite a few valuable Modern Age books that comic investors should take note of or consider acquiring. Here's a short list that will be expanded in different posts through time:

1. Ultimate Spider-Man #1 Variant

I generally don't like variants whatsoever, but when it comes to a wise investment choice, this variant has clout and cannot be denied. The estimated quantity printed of this copy is only 900 and it guides for $225 at NM. No bad, huh?

2. Spawn #1 B&W Sketch Variant

Super cool variant cover and goes for a whopping $280 NM.

3. Ultimate Spider-Man #1
Extremely tricky because of so many damn variants, DF exclusives, FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) and K-B exclusive versions of this #1 issue. Be sure not to get the K-B exclusive, thinking that you got the original 1st printing. It's hard to tell them apart, unlike the DF, FCBD, and Target versions, which have different covers or are marked.
This standard comic version guides for $75 at NM, and an estimated 90,000 or so copies are floating around.

4.Blackest Night #1 Sketch Variant

Holy cow, Batman! Can it be I finally put a DC comic book up here? Yes, even though I'm more of a Marvel guy, there are a lot of DC Comics that should be mentioned at Total Comic Mayhem. My bad. So let's start off with this one. 

Blackest Night Sketch Variant. This sketch cover was pre-ordered at a whopping $202 dollars. This was even before the comic and cover was revealed. Crazy! It's now running around at $100 for a NM.

5. Batman & Robin #1 Sketch Variant
Speaking of Batman! This badboy variant sketch cover (1:250) is another example of a Modern Age comic that broke the hundred dollar mark. Actually, it's guiding around for $150.

The problem with these sketch variants is who knows if the value will drop and when. Unlike key Silver Age comics who demand won't ever cease and values continue to rise, Modern Age books like these could possibly lose demand for them and end up a lot less than what you paid for.

 Go to Part 2 by clicking the arrow link below:

Part 1 | Read Part 2>>

Of course, if you want to take a gander at a list of Copper Age Comic goodies to consider investing in, you click and see my list of Valuable Copper Age Comics to invest in.

Modern Comic Investing - A Good Or Bad Choice?

Despite the dispute of when the Copper Age ends and the Modern Age of comics begins, I'm going to give the dates that the Copper Age starts around 1984 and the Modern Age of comics begins around 1992 until now.

Before I get into whether modern comic investing is a good or bad choice, it's imperative to know the difference between the two eras. Copper Age comics are modern comic books, but there's a distinct difference in why Copper Age comics are more collectible.

I started collecting comics around the Copper Age of comics as a kid, and back then, comics were still considered kid's stuff. I bought comics and read them...over and over. Many of my friends who also collected comic books did the same.

Around this time, people started to understand the value of taking care of their books, but it wasn't as widely known as it is today. So, even though there are still quite a few high-grade books floating out there - a lot more than bronze, silver, and golden age books - key copper age books at high grades are more rare than Modern Age Comics.

This has to do with the widespread knowledge during the 90s that comics can be quite valuable if taken care of. So everyone jumped on board and started to put freshly bought copies in protective sleeves with backing boards.

Another factor during the 90s was the growth of the Speculator Market in comic books during the Modern Age  of comics. Speculators bought multiple copies of issues, hoping they'd be valuable someday. In turn, the comic industry began over printing issues, as well as pumping out variant covers and foil covers.

One key principle was forgotten during this time - A comic is valuable due to it's RARITY and DEMAND! The aftermath of the Speculator boom created the comic book crash of the late 90s, and sales and prices plummeted. With millions of comic printed for many modern age comics, the result is thousands of high grade comics floating around even today.

So you ask if Modern Comic investing is a wise choice? I've made it quite clear in other posts about my fear and disdain in investing in Modern comics. If you want to read them for the enjoyment of their great stories and art, by all means buy them.

However, if you're speculating as an investor about Modern Age comics, it's a very bad risk to take. Too many copies are printed, and too many people know the knowledge of keeping them at high grades = even high grade modern comics are not rare! You would be better off investing in silver age and bronze age key issue comics.

The Walking Dead #1 cover image
However, that isn't to say that no comics from the Modern Age of comics aren't worth collecting. There are! You just have to make wise choices. Remember, many independent comics came out during the 90s and even today  with very, very low print runs.

One of the low print comics of recent times was the Kick Ass comic series, which popularity rose even higher when the film came out. Another example is The Walking Dead, in which the T.V show's popularity kicked the #1 issue into high demand.

Learning from the comic book market crash, the industry kept variant covers but limited them to a very small number of copies printed. However, I consider most variant covers a bad investment to get. You can see my example of Superior Spider-Man variant cover and how prices for that fell pretty sharply.

To check out a list of valuable modern age comics, click the link and learn what some of the good choices to make in Modern comic investing.

Deadpool Invester Comic - 2 Deadpool Comics To Be Concerned About Before The Movie Hits!

 When the character Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, debuted in Wolverine's movie - X-Men Origins, it was clear there was a reason for this oddity...a Deadpool Solo Movie. Now, it seems most comic collectors are looking for that Deadpool investor comic to get before his movie erupts and raises the value on them.

If you're unsure what Deadpool comics to get, I'm more than happy to advise you that there are two Deadpool related comics you absolutely must get.

The first is -

The New Mutants #98

Always try to get the very first Appearance of a character if a movie features or even has a cameo appearance of him. In this case, he'll have a whole feature flick dedicated to him, so grab the issue that introduced him into the comic book world. New Mutants #98 sees the first appearance of Deadpool and this comic has had a very solid track record of demand and one of the best Copper Age comics to invest in.

Do you have to get a CGC graded comic? No. Do you have to get a high-grade 9.9? No! Make sure you get at least a VERY FINE or higher grade. 

Deadpool #1 (1997 Series)

This is Deadpool #1 from his very first on-going series in 1997, and the movie rumors already put a dent in demand for this comic. Much like Wolverine, Deadpool had a previous 4 issue limited series before getting his own featured titled series. 

This is a Modern Age comic so do not settle for less than a CGC 9.6. There are plenty of high grade copies floating around in the market so the ideal would be a 9.8. 

Furthermore, this comic came out during the height of the comic book crash during the 90s, and the reason it crashed was because the comic industry at the time were over printing comic books due to the speculator market.

So I'm expanding the list here:

1. New Mutants #98 (1st appearance of Deadpool)
2. X-Force #2 (2nd appearance of Deadpool)
2. Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1st Limited series) issues 1-4
3. Deadpool #1 (1997 on-going series.

There they are - The Deadpool investor comics to get before the movie. Good luck and happy hunting! If you're a fan and want a more detailed list of Deadpool key issues, click the link below.

Update 2014: DEADPOOL MOVIE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY FOX!!! Click the link if you've yet heard this news, and the information in this post is even more relevant considering these key issues as comic investments.

You may want to check good ole eBay for these books as demand for them will soar and now is the time to snag them before prices get overly ridiculous.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #300 Value

Todd McFarlane artwork, first full appearance of Venom, a milestone 300th issue...what other reason do you need to get The Amazing Spider-Man #300 comic issue? Oh, yes, the price. Well, the Amazing Spider-Man #300 value can be intimidating, especially for a modern book.

Amazing Spider-Man #300 Cover

However, it shouldn't be. This key issue is a steadfast solid investment. If you're a fan of McFarlane's artwork like I am, it's just another reason to get your grubby paws on this sucker. Yet, if you're a fan of Venom, you just hit a double whamy on reasons to own this book. ASM #300 is the first appearance of Venom.

Right now Overstreet guide has the Amazing Spider-Man #300 value at around $150 smackers for an average 9.2  low NM copy. Pretty pricey.

However, an unslabbed copy will go for much less on places like ebay, but you must be warned. Getting unslabbed comics on ebay is a risk. You may overpay on a copy that's really in Fine condition from an overzealous seller who doesn't know how to grade.

Oh, I know we have ALL had that happen more than a few times. Don't get sad, though. If you're going the ebay route, buy a CGC graded copy. 

But enough of my rambling, lets see how this comic has performed in the last few decades: 

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:

Near Mint: $7.50
Fine: $3.75
Good: $1.25

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:

Near Mint (9.4): $85
Very Fine: $53
Fine: $21
 Very Good: $14
Good: $7

Overstreet 2012-13 Guide 42nd Edition:  

Near Mint (low 9.2) - $150
Very Fine - $63
Fine - $27
Very Good $18
Good - $9

Overstreet 2016-17 Guide 46th Edition:  

Near Mint (low 9.2) - $225
Very Fine - $125
Fine - $75
Very Good $50
Good - $25

As you can see the Amazing Spider-Man #300 values have gone up every decade since it's publication. What does 2020 hold for values on this book? I'm sure they'll get a nice jump as well.

Is there a reason to get an Amazing Spider-Man #300 at good or very good? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Remember, this comic is part of the Modern Age of comics, which means there are quite a bit of high grade copies floating around at 9.4.

Get this badboy at the minimum of VERY FINE. No less. If you want a true investment, get a CGC graded 9.6 or 9.8. These will be more expensive.

A CGC graded 9.6 Amazing Spider-Man #300 can sell anywhere from $250-300. Higher than 9.6?

Expect to shell out major bucks. Especially if you want a CGC 9.9. There are 3 of these ASM 300s graded at CGC 9.9. 

This key issue comic book isn't hard to find unslabbed. You can find them on ebay. 

However, I would get a higher graded CGC copy, and they too are plentiful on ebay. You can check out the search results on ebay for high grade CGC copies of Amazing Spider-Man #300 by clicking this link right here.

You can check out a high grade CGC 9.6 copy at as well by clicking this link if you're on the hunt for a high grade copy of Amazing Spider-Man #300. 

So let's recap here about buying this copy:

1. Don't get an unslabbed Amazing Spider-Man #300 on ebay, unless you don't care about getting ripped off.

2. Get a CGC or PGX graded copy.

3. Check your local comic dealer if you want an unslabbed copy. That way you can ask him to show it to you  so you can look it over and make sure it's at the grade it's advertised for.

4. VERY FINE and up. Don't bother with a low grade copy for modern books.

Want a list of more important Spiderman comics that every comic collector should consider adding to their collection? Click the link to discover these important Spider man comics

Thursday, May 19, 2011

UPDATE: Amazing Spider-Man 2-4 Are Gone At NewKadia

In my previous post, Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 were still up at NewKadia comics. Now both are gone and Amazing Spider-Man #4 (1st appearance of The Sandman) has also been snagged by a smart comic investor.

However, NewKadia still has an Amazing Spider-Man #6 (1st appearance of The Lizard) at a FINE grade. The Very Good Plus copy seems to have been taken by someone with the foresight that this particular issue that boasts the very first appearance of the scaley Lizard is gonna rise in value once the new Spidey flick hits theaters.

Why should you pick up this particular issue at NewKadia besides the fact the new Spidey reboot will have The Lizard as the main baddie? Can we say 30% off? Yes, it's already going for $497. 61 at NewKadia and Overstreet Guide Value is $ 513.00. That will change when the new price guide comes out next month.

And, no! It won't be for less in the updated new guide.

So, let's do the math. 30% of 497.61 is $348.33. How much did you save off the current Overstreet Guide value? You saved $164.67 bucks. NOT BAD! I already have my copy of the very first appearance of The Lizard so I'm not worried about it.

Then again. Maybe I should grab me an extra copy. After all, it won't hurt the value of my collection any.

At the time of this posting, The X-Men #1 issue at GOOD plus is still up, and I'm surprised at that. With X-Men First Class coming out quite soon, I figured there would be more smart comic investors to snag that copy in a hurry.

When the new Overstreet hits soon, expect to shelling out quite a bit more for both those books. Now, is the perfect time to get them, and if you want to increase your investment value, go to NewKadia, get their huge discounts, and snag those comics up.

UPDATE: Newkadia is out of Amazing Spider-Man 1-10, but has  a #1 at a whopping CGC 8.5, #2 and #6. Just click the link to check them out and add them to your comic collection.

The NEW GOLD RUSH - Silver Age Comics!

The silver age of comics changed the face of comics by changing the industry to a more super hero driven market. There's no doubt that a lot of the superheroes that we know today were spawned during the silver age of comics. However, no other time than right now has silver age comics become in high demand.

There's a new gold rush going on, and it ain't looking for the nice, shiny, yellow's mining for silver age comic books!

Unlike, modern age comics, comic books from the silver age weren't mass produced. They weren't mass produced like comics today, and the people who bought comics during the 60s didn't think they'd be worth a thing.

Fast forward to today and a high grade Amazing Fantasy #15 breaking the million dollar mark. Who back then would've thunk it? A select few, and that's why silver age comics are rare.

I predict that most modern comics today will take at least 60 to 70 years for them to be rare, if they ever will be. Too many people are taking care of them, and with many of them being slabbed and graded by CGC and PGX, high grade copies are more than abundant.

So if you're collecting modern age comics for investment purposes, you're on the wrong path...unless you're speculating on those low print run indies, and that's a huge gamble. Read more on the myths and truths to comic investing before you waste your hard-earned dollars.

The real gold is in those old silver age books, and I recommend seeking out KEY ISSUES! Not to say those silver age filler books wont amount to anything. They surely will, but only if they're at a mid-grade plus and up. Those dirt GD and VG will take a bit longer to increase in value.

However, an X-Men #1 or 2 at VG is still a solid investment choice for the common man who doesn't have a large wad of cash to throw around. Silver age keys, and with Hollywood's big interest in pushing out comic book related movies, those keys are only going to keep being pushed up in value.

If you're interested in making wiser investment choices concerning comics, read my article about tips on comic investing. If you want a good list of key silver age comics that will continue to rise well past 2012, click to read the article.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Factors Make A Comic Book Go Up In Value Because of The Movie

A lot of times, I see people think that just because a movie based off a comic book that's in production or just hit theaters means that they should stock up on just any comic book of that title. If you went into a comic shop and just bought a bunch of modern age Thor comics because of the movie, you made a bad investment choice.

Just because a movie hits theaters based on a comic book, doesn't mean that the value will rise for every single issue of that comic. Yes, Thor comics may be hot now, but certain Thor comics will be affected by the movie.

So lets take the recent Thor movie to hit theaters. What factors determines that certain issues will rise in value because of the movie? Well, first you need to take a look at the movie and the cast of characters.

Who will be in the Thor movie? The Destroyer is in the movie, so finding the very 1st appearance of the Destroyer would be a wise move. What about the Warriors Three? Yes, they're in the movie also. If you have Thor comics with the Warriors Three in them, there's a very good chance the value of those comics will be affected.

Two, is the main story plot-line of the movie taken from a story-arc to particular issues of the comic series? Did you know that the Spider-Man 2 movie actually took a lot of the plot line from the Amazing Spider-Man #50 comic?

Speaking of Spider-Man. Let's talk about the reboot. Which comic from that series do you think will have a great amount of interest and demand enough to push that value upward? If you guessed Amazing Spider-Man #6, you guessed right! The villain in the new Spidey movie is The Lizard, and that issue is sure to rise in value.

So don't go out and run around trying to get just any issue of a comic because a movie is coming out, and don't think that a comic movie is going to make every issue of that particular comic title go up in value. It won't.

Some issues will get a huge push in value from a movie, and others won't. However, it's almost guaranteed that many Silver Age issues of that comic will go up if a movie is made of that comic character. So where do you think your best bets are?

Monday, May 16, 2011

X-Men #1 & Amazing Spider-Man #2 & 3 Back At NewKadia

jOkay, this is going to be short, but I just checked and a Good plus X-Men #1 is back at NewKadia. Also, Amazing Spider-Man #2 & 3 are up, but like I always say...they probably won't be for long.

If you're on the hunt for those books, click the link to get 'em fast before they're gone. I won't doubt if they're snagged the next time I check tomorrow.

NewKadia also offers a whopping 30% off these comics. Be sure to enter the coupon they've got on their home page. I believe its new4.

What you waiting for? Go get these comics now!

Are CGC Copper Age Comics A Good Investment In 2011

So you're wondering are CGC Copper Age comics a good investment in 2011? That all depends on which Copper Age books you are thinking about snagging and at what grade.

There's three comics I can think of from the Copper Age that are solid investments to get straight away, and if you're dealing with Copper Age comics, the higher the grade the better. Unlike Silver Age books, very good or mid-grade books are not worth your time nor money with investing in Copper Age comics.

So what are these comics that I'm stressing to snag immediately from the Copper Age? Here's one for you to sink your canines into -

 Wolverine #1 from the 1988 Regular Series Why? Can you say The Wolverine. This sequel to the Wolverine: Origins movie is slated for a 2012 release, so interest in the first solo series is once again coming back strong.

What CGC grade should you get this book at? No less than a VF plus. NM is better, and NM plus is even better. It would probably be wise to get this comics are already starting to become more in demand!

What's the second book? Here's a hint: The Deadpool movie has Ryan Reynolds committed, as well as Tim Miller directing. Although no official release date has been given, it's a no-brainer that this movie will come out soon, so why not snag a nice CGC graded copy of New Mutants #98?  

[Update, since I've suggested New Mutants #98, the value of this book in the real time market place has gone up dramatically.]

The third comic that you should be considering is Transformers #1 (Marvel Series), as everyone already knows that the third movie installment is coming out this summer. Don't think this should be the only reason to get this comic. This book at high grade is still affordable.

A NM plus is still around $50 bucks according to recent Overstreet Price Guide values, but this may change once the new Overstreet Price Guide comes out in June of this year. So, best to get it right before you find out it's doubled in price this June!

If you want a list of more Copper Age comics, you should think about investing in - CGC graded or not - click the link to check it out. 

Wondering where to buy CGC comics? Visit the link to find out some of the best places online and offline when it comes to CGC comic books for sale.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Comic Collector's Important List Of Spider Man Comics

Before I get into revealing the comic collector's important list of Spider-Man Comics, I just want to say, as a total comic geek and collector myself that there aren't many comic characters who've come along and changed the face of comic books forever.

Everyone's Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is one of these characters? There's a reason why readers took to the webhead. Unlike DC who made their characters one dimensional, the web slinger was just a teen with teenage problems. Sure he had all these amazing abilities, but in the end, he was human with human problems.

That's why his popularity soared and why so many got attached to this character. Even today, his popularity is still widely huge and going strong. That fact is one of the reasons why collector's scramble to find those rare spider man comics from the early silver age and where to find these amazing spider man comics for sale.

Yes, there are so many titles and great spidey stories, but like most things with Total Comic Mayhem, this list is about "Important" issues. Issues that most average collectors drool with jealousy when they see it in the comic collection of a serious collector/ investor.

These aren't just a bunch of key issues. These are the ULTIMATE Spider-Man Key Issues! So here we go! Ready? Here's the most "Important" list of Spider-Man comics. 

  • 1st Ever Appearance of Spider-Man & Origin

In 1962, Amazing Fantasy #15 signaled the end of it's series, but the birth of a new hero. Spider-Man came roaring out with a revolutionary new twist to superheroes that spun it's web onto popular American culture. This comic is the landmark of this character's birth and the Marvel Age of comics. 

Not only is Amazing Fantasy #15 his first appearance, but the issue also has spidey's origin in it. No wonder this comic book is so damn hard to find in high grades and worth a good chunk of change also.

eBay - A few unslabbed and CGC copies. Actually, a lot of CGC copies to choose from. Mostly in the low grade, but there is a low NM 9.2 Signature Series signed by Stan Lee that's going for mad money.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 Cover
  • 1st Spider-Man in own Series 
  •  1st FF Cross Over

Is it any surprise that this one made this important list of Spider-Man comics, the very issue that first kicked off Spider-Man's self-titled series? I sure hope not. I've seen this book twice at the Wondercon Comic Convention. One was at good and the other at very good. 

So there are a bit of copies floating around for this issue. It's a bit more attainable than Amazing Fantasy #15, I think. High grades copies of this book are extremely rare and extremely expensive!

eBay - A bit more of a hunt to find. At the time of this writing, I saw two or three CGC copies. Highest is an 8.5 VF+ of this super key issue at the moment. A few unslabbed copies, but most are in the very low grades.

Amazing Spider-Man #2 Cover. 1st Appearance of the Vulture
  • 1st Appearance of the Vulture

Only a few hours before this writing, a copy was available at NewKadia. I just checked and it's now gone. That's why this comic made this list, and it shows exactly how much in-demand all the comics you'll see on this list are.

One of the most popular of Spider villains, it looks like the Vulture just may end up in a Sinister Six movie, and early Spider-Man from volume one are always great investment comics. If you're on the hunt for this amazing key issue that features the first appearance of The Vulture, just be sure to click the links or the image above to grab this comic investment before someone else does! 

eBay - Pretty scarce on eBay at the time of this writing. Less than a handful of both CGC and raw copies. Highest CGC spotted was a 7.5 low VF. It is Universal, though. There are others in low grades as well.

Amazing Spider-Man #3 Cover. 1st Doctor Octopus
  • 1st Appearance of Doctor Octopus

This villain was already in Spider-Man 2, and it seems he'll also be in a Sinister Six movie and maybe a future Amazing Spider-Man flick also. That's not surprising, though. Doc Oc is one of Spidey's most loved villains after all.

Not an entirely easy comic to always find, but the first appearance of Doctor Octopus in Amazing Spider-Man #3 is a definite comic investment to snag, even in lower grades. Sony has plans for this popular and well-known Spidey adversary. This comic has always been a proven comic investment throughout the decades.

eBay - Only a few CGC copies and high grade ones. Highest is a VF+ 8.5 and two VF 8.0s spotted as well. A few unslabbed copies but mostly in the lower grade range.



Amazing Spider-Man #4 Cover. 1st appearance of Sandman
  • 1st Appearance of The Sandman

The villain who co-starred in the Spider-Man 3 flick. This issue marks the first appearance of The Sandman and one of Webhead's most recognized, early, and popular of villains.

I shouldn't have to say that this issue is definitely one of the best comics to invest in for any any comic era. It is 100%. 

For good reason also. All the first ten Amazing Spider-Man books from the first series are extremely sought after. The higher the grade the harder to snag for these silver age key issues.

eBay - Quite a few CGC copies. Highest is a 7.5 low VF at the moment. Plenty of mid grade and lower grade CGCs. Quite a few unslabbed copies as well to select from.

Amazing Spider-Man #6 1963 cover. 1st Lizard
  • 1st Appearance of the Lizard

The new spidey reboot franchise featured the Lizard already, but they didn't kill him off. Is there a good chance he'll return in another Amazing Spider-Man movie?

The fact this this Spider-Man key issue is within the first 10 issues of the Amazing Spider-Man volume 1 series is enough to get the first appearance of the Lizard, also known as Dr. Curt Conners. Serious collectors are still hunting down this one, though not as much as before. Still, this issue continually goes up in value.

eBay - Quite a few CGC copies. Highest is a gorgeous 9.4 NM, and it's expensive. There are other CGC options and a few but not many unslabbed raw copies as well.


ASM #9 cover image. First appearance of Electro
  • 1st Appearance of Electro

1st appearance of Electro! Is there anything more to say about that? Well, except for the fact that Electro was the villain for the 2014 Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie and the first appearance of Electro is still going up in value.

If you've been paying attention about comic investing and investment comics, you'll know that a comic book movie and it's cast can greatly push up the demand for a certain key issue comic book.

This is one of those comics which got a demand bump because of the movie, but it's consistently sought after because it's a super early Spider-Man silver age key issue! Still one of the best Silver Age key issues to get! 

eBay - Quite a few copies of the first appearance of Electro on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Some unslabbed but most are CGC copies as expected. Highest is a 9.4 NM CGC copy.

Amazing Spider-Man #13 - First Appearance of MysterioAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #13 
  • 1st Appearance of Mysterio

Still an early Amazing Spider-Man comic and key issue, the first appearance of Mysterio should be hot by now since Sony announced the Sinister Six movie and it looks like this character will be a part of that. Makes sense since Mysterio is an original member of the super villain team that formed to rid of the webslinger.

A well-known villain but not one of the more popular Spidey villains, Mysterio's real name is Quentin Beck and he was created by none other than Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

eBay - A few unslabbed copies but not much at the moment. Quite a few CGC copies, however. Highest so far is 9.4 NM CGC. Mid-grade and low grade copies available also.

Amazing Spider-Man #14 Cover - 1st appearance of the green goblin
  • 1st Appearance of The Green Goblin

This comic is one of the grand daddies of all the Spidey comics, and it's pretty simple  because it's the introduction of Spider-Man's most popular and arch nemesis - The Green Goblin!

Yes, this key issue won't be cheap to get, and it keeps going up and up as time goes by. The first appearance of Green Goblin, whom everyone knows is Norman Osbourne, is an extremely solid investment comic and has been one for years. Definitely one of the most sought out Spider-Man keys and Silver Age comics in fact. 

eBay - A few raw copies available for now, but mainly CGC copies on the mighty eBay as expected. Plenty of CGC options to choose from. Highest grade located at the time of this writing is a gorgeous 9.6 NM+, which will cost you a great deal of ducats.


Amazing Spider-Man #15 - 1st apperaance of Kraven The Hunter
  • 1st Appearance of Kraven The Hunter

The first appearance of Kraven The Hunter is an important Spider-Man key issue comic book. After all, Kraven is an original member of The Sinister Six, along with baddies Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, Mysterio, and Sandman.

Early Amazing Spider-Man keys have proven to be good investments in high grades. No doubt that Spidey is one of the most iconic villains with a stable of memorable villains.

Kraven is just one of them, and the character's 1st appearance is in this issue here. 

Cover to Amazing Spider-Man #18 Vol 1. First appearance of Ned Leeds (future Hobgoblin)
  • 1st Appearance of Ned Leeds

This issue may boast the third appearance of the villainous Sandman, but it also boasts the very first appearance of the character of Ned Leeds. As we comic geeks all know Ned Leeds ends up becoming the future Hobgoblin

Not the first Hobby, however, and he was apparently kidnapped and brainwashed to believe he was the Hobgoblin. Actually, it's quite a story about how Ned Leeds was revealed to be the Hobgoblin.

Roger Stern created Roderick Kingsley and initially was to have the character be revealed as the Hobgoblin. However, he left the series and those who took it up felt that Kingsley was a weak choice.

Therefore, Ned Leed's was unmasked as the Hobgoblin in The Amazing Spider-Man #289. However, Roger Stern was not happy with the choice of Ned Leed and retconned this in the comic series Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives, which revealed that Roderick Kingsley was the original Hobgoblin and Leeds was a brainwashed fall guy.

Still, Ned Leeds character has been important to the Amazing Spider-Man series as well as the character of Hobgoblin.
12.  Amazing Spider-Man #19 
(2nd Appearance of Ned Leeds)

2nd appearance of Ned Leeds - ASM #19 cover

13.  Amazing Spider-Man #20  
(1st Appearance of Scorpion)

ASM cover to issue #20. First Appearance of the Scorpion

Another one of Spidey's more popular villains is the Scorpion, and ASM #20 is his glorious first appearance.

14Amazing Spider-Man #25 
(1st Cameo Appearance of Mary Jane Watson)

Amazing Spider-Man #26 cover
Although this is not technically her first full appearance, Amazing Spider-Man #25 introduces Mary Jane Watson in a cameo, in which her face is not shown. In previous issues, her name is only mentioned.

Still, this is an important key issue. After all, who else would call Peter Parker, "Tiger" if not Mary Jane?
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15. Amazing Spider-Man #31  
(1st Appearance of Gwen Stacy & Harry Osbourne)

Amazing Spider-Man #31 Cover - 1st appearance of Gwen Stacy & Harry Osbourne

(1st Appearance of Norman Osbourne)

Amazing Spider-Man #37 cover. first appearance of Norman Osbourne

We all know why this comic book is an important key issue Spider-Man comic book. After all, this issue introduces the first appearance of a character that would become a fan-favorite villain for the Webhead. That's right, issue number 37 introduces Norman Osbourne, Harry Osbourne's father, and whom we would later find out is the Green Goblin.

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(Last Steve Ditko Art on Spider-Man)

You read that correct. ASM #38 marks the last issue Steve Ditko did artwork on for the Amazing Spider-Man series. Of course this would be on the important list of Spider-Man comics to get - the co-creator of Spider-Man last issue! Fuggedaboudid!

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(1st John Romita Artwork/Norman Osbourne Revealed as The Green Goblin)

Amazing Spider-Man #39 - First John Romita Artwork

Talk about another double whammy key issue comic book. Wow! If legendary artist Steve Ditko hadn't of resigned over a disagreement about the Goblin's identity, we would've never had legendary artist John Romita start his wonderful work on the series.

Also us comic fans are treated to finding out that Norman Osbourne is the Green Goblin. This is one of the most beloved Spider-Man key issues out there for a reason. Huge showdown between the Webhead and Spidey as both find out who the other is.

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Since there are a huge amount of key issue Spider-Man comics that are important, this will have to be broken up into a series. So to read part 2 of the most important Spider-Man key issue comics, just visit the link below!