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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Comic Books That Will Continue To Rise In Value Well Past 2012!

It's been a long and well-known fact that comic books are no longer kids stuff. With the 1st appearance of both Superman and Batman breaking the million dollar mark, certain key issues of your favorite superheroes have become important collector and investor targets.

I know...not all of us have a million dollars to throw around, but you don't have to have the highest graded copy of a certain key issue. That still doesn't mean you can't make a great investment on the lower to mid-grade copies of a book.

And...with the advent and super surge of Hollywood's growing fascination with comic book movies, it is now the time to strike and make that investment. Here's a list of comic books that you should be hunting down that will continue to rise steadily well past 2012.

1. Tales of Suspense #39 (1st Appearance of Iron Man)


If you missed the boat on getting a copy of the very 1st appearance of Iron Man during the first two movies, fret not! Iron Man is slated to appear in mega huge The Avenger's Movie in 2012, as well as in Iron Man 3. That's right, another Iron Man film is under contract and well on it's way for audiences to enjoy, and there shouldn't be a doubt that there will be an Avengers movie sequel.  Actually, I wouldn't doubt if The Avengers franchise will have a trilogy, because the first film is gonna be a huge landmark. Why am I thinking this nonsense? Because, unlike the X-Men, the Avengers cast are all characters from different comic books that crossed over into a team, unlike the X-Men characters who mostly all started their humble beginnings from the X-Men comic series (Wolverine excluded).  If you've been neglecting to own a copy of the very 1st appearance of Iron Man...tsk...tsk...shame on you! A mid grade copy of this book is not that expensive, and is more than worth the investment of a few hundred bucks.

2. Iron Man #1 (First Unlimited Series)

This is a no-brainer. Why not double your Iron Man investment and get the very first issue to his very first unlimited, self-titled comic book series? A mid-grade copy of this particular issue is still quite affordable, and did I mention that Iron Man III is scheduled for a 2013 release? With the new Avengers film coming out in 2012 and then another Iron Man flick, this book wont go anywhere but up, amigo!

3. Avengers #4 (Captain America Enters The Silver Age & Joins The Mighty Avengers Team!)

Chris Evans, the star of Captain America: The First Avenger, reported that he was unsure of taking the role at first. No, it wasn't because he was already Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four. Actually, it was because the original contract for the role was to appear as Captain America a total of 9 times.

Yep, ole Cap was originally slated to be in 9 films! Fearing that his entire career would only be committed to playing comic book's most popular symbol for freedom, Evans negotiated the contract down to 6 times he would reprise the star-spangled role.

This comic book is a sure winner for two reasons: Captain America: The First Avenger coming out this year and The Avengers movie slated to come out next year. Will it continue to be in demand after? I'm pretty sure since there's 4 more times after these two films that lucky Chris gets to be Cap again and again and again and again.

Ok, that was three reasons!

Hey, these key issues will always be in demand and will always go up because of that and their rarity. However, this list was created because of the recent movie push that these particular comics will soon experience and because they're still affordable at low and midgrade copies.

So, if you want to invest in something that you can watch increase in value quickly, what are you waiting for and why aren't you hunting these books down?

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