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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Comic Book You Need To Get Now Or You'll Be Kicking Yourself Later!

For those who were smart enough to get the very first appearance of Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #39 or the first issue from his first unlimited series before the first Iron Man even hit theaters, you guys are probably seeing a nice rise in value for those books over the past few years.

You're shit eating grin probably got even bigger knowing that an Avengers Movie is well on it's way as well as an Iron Man 3. If you ditched those books during the hype of Iron Man 2...oops! Shoulda hung onto to those a bit longer.

So even though we're in the middle of the Iron Man hoopla, buying those books is still a wise choice. However, the book that's still in the beginning wave of demand from the comic movie push is none other than the first appearance of the Thunder God himself.


What do I mean by the beginning wave? Collectors have been hunting this book down since Marvel confirmed a Thor movie was in the works. What I mean by beginning wave is that this is THE FIRST THOR MOVIE coming soon.

It's not THOR 2 or waiting on a THOR 3. This is the first flick from the Thor Movie Franchise. However, how do we know that Thor will even be a trilogy? It could be a single dud like the Daredevil and Elektra movies.

Well, we don't, but we do know for sure that the Norse God of Thunder is to appear in the Avengers Movie in 2012, right? Exactamundo, as the Fonze would say.

And just think...what if Thor ended up being a trilogy? You could be smiling a shit eating grin like those guys who were smart enough to get those Iron Man books before the 1st movie and then 2nd, (and soon 3rd one) pushed the value into overdrive.

Wouldn't that be finally get on the hype train while it's still riding high. Now the only part is tracking this rare badboy down. Well, what you waiting for? Get to it...

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