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Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 X-MEN Comics Every Serious Collector Needs To Have In Their Comic Book Collection

If you're a serious X-Men comic collector, and I mean serious as in collecting comics for the love of it and for an investment, there are certain X-Men comic books that are must-haves for your collection to beef up your collection's investment value.  Here are my top three:

1. X-Men #1 (1st Series)
The X-Men trilogy of films gave a huge boost to this comic book, and since the X-Men franchise in comics as well as the movies is one of Marvel's cash crops, you can expect more comic movies starring our favorite muties.

Even now, with the X-Men: First Class movie trailer everywhere on the web, you can see the demand for this comic book beginning to skyrocket once again.

However, despite the movies, a copy of X-Men #1 will always be a solid investment. The comic just keeps getting rarer, and the demand for it never seems to wane.

A very good copy of this is $1700, and as a collector, you know that a very good grade for a comic book isn't that great. So, if you're a bit pickier, a mid grade copy of this bad boy is between $1800 to $6,000 smackers.

But be warned...those prices are current guide prices...and it should be taken into consideration that the new X-Men flick is driving those prices up. So get it while you can still somewhat afford to, or you'll be kicking yourself later.

Update Sep 20th (2012):Of course, someone picked up the copy of X-Men #1 at Newkadia. However, I've found a copy that will go on auction Oct 6th. Click the link to check out this awesome copy of X-Men #1.

The copy going up for auction is also signed by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and comes with a COA. Check out the link above and be sure to mark your calendar!

2. Giant Size X-Men #1 (1st Series)

If there's a second X-Men comic that you must have in your collection, it has to be this one - the all elusive Giant Size X-Men #1, which features the first appearance of the new X-Men team.

A little history lesson here: It's actually the line up of this X-Men team that made the comic book as ever popular as it today. Yes, it's true...the first team...and the first X-Men comics didn't do so great at first. Only until this new line up came roaring out did most fans start looking at earlier X-Men issues.

A grade of fine is clocked in at around $156.00 according to the Overstreet Price Guide, but a low near mint is $1,300 if you got the coin. This comic is still affordable to get at a pedigree grade, and well worth to do so.

It should be noted that any high grade comic of these particular key issues are going to increase in value a lot quicker and a lot more than lower graded ones.

However, mid grades are fine as well. This comic keeps getting more elusive and hotter as time goes by. Just stay away from poor grades or good grades. Very Good grades are even debatable. The lowest I'd go is a grade of Fine...wait, that is the grade of my comic for this bronze age treasure.

UPDATE: Found a CGC graded copy at a whopping 9.8! EXTREMELY RARE! If you're a high grade collector and want a solid comic investment, you need to click the link and grab this NM/MINT copy of Giant Size X-Men #1!

That comic surely won't last long, so if you are on the hunt for this book, don't wait to snag of the most sought after Marvel key issues!

3. X-Men #94 (1st Series/New X-Men Team & Series Begins)

This is another treasure that is well affordable at high grade or pedigree prices. Very good is at $140.00, and a low Near Mint is around $1,200

Why this comic book? This key issue kicks the X-Men series off with the new team that features all of our favorite muties such as Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Collossus.

If there were only three X-Men comics that were worth having in your collection and didn't cost your arms, legs, hair and teeth, these three would be them. NewKadia has this book right now at fine and almost $20 below guide...There's no better time than right now to get it, so click the link and grab this copy of X-Men #94 before someone else does, and trust me...someone else will!

UPDATE: Newkadia's copy of X-Men 94 has been sold (no surprise)! However, I've tracked another copy for ya! If you're looking for a high grade, CGC 9.4 graded copy, visit the link to to add a high grade X-Men #94 to your comic collection. There is also a CGC 8.5 VF+ available at that link also.

Are there other X-Men comics worth having in your comic book collection? Absolutely...there are a great number worth having from the silver age and bronze age. Even a few in the copper age as well if you can't afford to break the hundred dollar mark.

However, these three picks are my cream of the crop X-Men comics to own because they're the ones that mark pivotal shifts that were historical to the comic series.

Looking for more smart investments in comics? Read this article to find out the top comic investment choices that are skyrocketing fast now and will continue to do so well past 2012.

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