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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Short-Term Comic Book Investing Secret!

Well, from looking at the picture above, can you guess what is a simple and effective secret of short-term comic investing? You got it, comic book movies!

With the emerging technologies in CGI, special effects, graphic and multimedia design, comic book movies based on superheroes with extraordinary powers are possible...and most importantly, as Hollywood has found...PROFITABLE! Just look at the Fantastic Four movies or Spider-Man movies, and if you follow comics, you'll see just how the demand rose for certain issues of that comic character.

This secret or tip falls into what Flippers normally do. If you don't know what a flipper is, read my  Tips On Comic Investing.There's no doubt that a comic character's hype will explode with news of a movie in production. It get's worse once behind the scenes pics emerge on the internet and trailers for the movie is released. For example, when Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer trailers hit the airwaves, guess who's demand went soaring through the roof? You got it - Silver Surfer. 

Before this movie was even playing in movie theaters, fans were scouring for the 1st appearances of Silver Surfer, and flippers who were wise to get that golden comic or had it prior before this rush was happening, made nice profits from this investment comic.

But don't let that nugget of knowledge fool you! It isn't as simple as that, my friend. Knowing when to get that particular investment is the tricky part. 

Timing is everything. If you wait too late, you may be just another gold rush digger and pay way too much for a comic who's hype will die down before you can flip it.

Trust me, the hype will die down, and once it does, you may see the value of that comic plummet a little bit. However, when it concerns comic book investing, this is no big deal. Those who invest in comics do it for the long term. With flippers, however, buying and selling at the precise moments are crucial.

Also, not just any comic of the character starring in the movie will make a comics value go up. Selecting carefully is a science as well as an art. When the 1st Iron Man movie was announced to go to production, there were the lame investors who just bought up any new issue of Iron Man, and there were the smart investors who tried to find the highest grade their budget allowed of Iron Man #1 or his very first appearance. 

Then when hysteria about the character was at it's peak, both investors put their investments on the market. Which flipper do think made the most profit?

The trick is to research the movie before the hype really takes momentum. Find out if the movie introduces a villain, like whiplash and Justin Hammer  in Iron Man 2 or Silver Surfer and Galactus in Fantastic Four 2. Get to know the hype. See what people online are saying about it. I really suggest joining a comic forum or group. Check out eBay and see what the prices are going for certain comics pertaining from the information you gathered about the movie.

Learning to strike the iron when it's hot for both investing and then selling quickly is a skill to learn, a gut feeling that can be trained. It wont happen overnight, but it can be attained through the most research you do.

A select few have gotten short-term comic investing down to a "T". It is not easy. Don't get me wrong on that part. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right? However, with a bit of grit, determination, trial & error, time, and patience, you can be part of the select few as well.

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