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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Iron Man 2

After watching the first Iron Man movie, I was completely blown away, and walked away from the theaters completely convinced that Iron Man had to be Marvel's best comic movie made. With the terrible prior releases of Spider-Man 3, X-Men 3, and my personal least favorite of them all - the sucky of the suckiest - Wolverine Origins, it was refreshing to finally see Iron Man knock me off my extremist, comic-fanatic, butt.

Like most everyone, I knew a sequel was already in the works, and I couldn't wait to see if they could come close to the awesomeness of the original. I had high hopes, up until the part where I read that Whiplash would be the villain in the sequel. My first initial reaction was, Whiplash? Why him? He's undoubtedly a lame and 2nd rate villain in the Marvel universe.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago when I finally stepped into the theaters to watch Iron Man 2. Yeah, I know, I waited quite some time after it's initial release, but I've never been the one to like overcrowded venues of any kind, minus Disney Land.

When the movie got into the back story of Whiplash and how he is the son of Anton Vanko, I groaned in my chair and my mind muttered, "Lame." If they're gonna even put Anton Vanko - the Crimson Dynamo  - in the movie, even in just name, why didn't they just make him the villain. After all, the Crimson Dynamo is actually one of Iron Man's core villains in the comic. It wouldn't have changed the story line all that much, and lets face it - it would've been so much cooler to see Crimson Dynamo than the lame, whip-wielding Whiplash.

Another beef I have with this movie is that end fight scene was about as quick as a fart. Stinky as one too. It was a reminder of why quickies are so disappointing. You couldn't make the fight just a tad more dramatic. Oh, wait. Nevermind. You have a lame villain starring in the movie.

I do have to say that Iron Man 2 was not as good as the first, but the special effects, the superb portrayal of Tony Stark yet again  by Robert Downey Jr., and even Mickey Rourke's acting was great. He would've made a killer Crimson Dynamo.

Despite my minor beefs and putting my comic purist tendencies aside, Iron Man 2 is the second best movie Marvel has put out to date. At least they didn't screw it up too bad like the X-Men franchise, in which talks of  an X-Men First Class movie, which will feature the early years of Professor Xavier and Magneto and the first students at Xavier's School For the Gifted, is on the drawing board.

Wait a minute! Didn't they majorly screw up the timeline in the first X movie, and if you're talking about early years of the school for mutants, wouldn't that entail the original X-Men line up? Just when the question of how Ice Man would be worked back into his rightful place as an original X-Men, those crafty  hollywooders came up with the only bright idea they could come up with - make up new characters that didn't exist in the original line up.

My response to that? Why even bother making a movie about the original X-Men team when it's not really even the original team?

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