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Friday, December 15, 2017

Spider-Woman Comics Part 5

Welcome back from the intermission! I was going to have it longer as there are other things I'd rather talk about than these Modern Age comics of Spider-Woman or the characters that took up the name.

Want to keep this intro short and get to the nitty gritty. Code or slang for "let's get this over with". Part 4 link will swing ya back. Scroll will swing ya a long your merry way forward. Either way I hope you enjoy.

1st issue to 4th Jessica Drew Spider-Woman series

So, we have the first issue of another Spider-Woman comic series starting Jessica Drew, and to give a new twist to the character, creatives decided to feature Drew being pretty preggers to kick off her 4th series as Spider-Woman. This isn't the first time, though.

Another alternate universe Jessica Drew did have a kid too. This one is just in mainstream continuity.

That reminds me, I probably have updated Part 3 to include some comics that deal with another version of Jessica Drew and a child she had. If you're interested, click the link to backtrack to that Part 3 and they are the Spider-Girl issues. 

There are variants for this issue. Don't care to discuss them but mycomichop and Comic Vine have more information about them. Click the link to visit them if you're into that shiz.

January, 2016 is the cover date for the first issue to the 6th Spider-Woman comic series. Release date is November 18th, 2015.

1st appearance of Gerry Drew (Earth-616)

Oh, first appearance of mainstream Gerry Drew. As mentioned above, there is a MC2 version that showed up quite a bit before this version.

I have added them to Part 3 and will once again provide the link back to that listing. Last time I will do so though.

So Jessica Drew gives birth to a Gerry Drew, and he has exhibited some super powers. I guess this makes him a mutant, no?

This version was created by Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez. Here's how the super-powered baby debuts.

Of course, after the touchy-feely moment, Jessica gets sown back up real quick and kills off some Skrull invaders. Once again, there is a prior version of the Gerry Drew character from the MC2 universe.

Gerry is not named in this issue. Cover date for Spider-Woman #5 volume 6 is April, 2016 and it was released February 17, 2016.

Origin of Spider-Gwen
Origin of Cindy Moon Earth-65
Origin of Jesse Drew

Okay, let me explain here so humor me. For a while, the characters of Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 and Cindy Moon were connected and guest starred in each other's comic series for a while.

The comics even had a "Spider-Women" thing or cross-over story line. I believe this issue is part of it but not the start.

I believe the beginning of story line is in Spider-Woman Alpha #1 and Gwen Stacy has some kind of Dimensional Travel Watch that lets Gwen Stacy travel from Earth-65 to Earth-616 and vice versa. So, Silk, Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacy have a get together but things go sour of course.

In the end, they all realize that Gwen's Dimensional Watch is lost and Jessica and Silk are stuck in Gwen's reality. Thus, the story event begins and the three must team up together.

Okay, I'm going to spoil some things for ya. The baddies of the story line is Earth-65 Cindy Moon and Jesse Drew. Jesse Drew first debuts as Agent 77 of the spy organization known as S.I.L.K.

Yes, Earth-65 Cindy Moon is the head of that organization and Jesse Drew as Agent 77 is, of course, her top...well, agent. Yes, Jesse Drew is obviously the Earth-65 version of Jessica Drew.

Alright, so bad Cindy Moon of this reality and quite a few origins are told in this issue, and all at once. It's a lot easier for me since they are all intertwined and we get three origins in one in this issue. Let's take a look at this one.

Whoa, so we learn that evil Cindy is actually responsible in creating the spider that bit Gwen, and thus responsible for the creation of her as Spider-Woman of Earth-65. Okie dokie then, and one origin intertwines three characters!

Okay, so we have bad Cindy Moon of Earth-65 and Jesse Drew of the same reality. I think I'll just have gallery of when and where their debuts are.

Spider-Gwen #4 Vol 2

Cameo Earth-65 Cindy Moon
Spider-Women Alpha #1
1st Jesse Drew (Agent 77)
1st full Earth-65 Cindy

Most of these issues are probably flying under the radar at the moment, just like Spider-Gwen's 2nd appearance in the issue #9 of the third comic series of Amazing Spider-Man. Despite there probably being variant covers, July, 2016 is the cover date of Spider-Gwen #8 of the 2nd or volume 2 series and it was released May 18, 2016.

Merges with Venom
1st appearance of Gwenom

The more I read into this series, the more it reminds me of Ultimate Spider-Man. It just rehashes certain key events of the original Peter Parker Spider-Man in mainstream continuity but puts a different spin or twist to make it seem "fresh".

So like most notable events in most Spidey spin-off characters that tries to recapture the whole "high-school" angst bit, we have a Venom symbiote that emerges in the world of Spider-Gwen. Like most gimmicky things, this issue was heavily speculated on in the speculation groups.

Was suppose to pop up here but then didn't and was suppose to pop up there and didn't. Well, finally, it does happen in this here issue.

Thank, God! Gwen Stacy of Earth-65 finally merges with the Venom symbiote and we get our first look at Gwenom. Oooooooo!

This issue probably has the worst cover. One of the ugliest covers I've seen in a long time, but the interior art is really good. I don't always like the artwork to this series, but this issue has really solid interior art.

Anyway, I think this is the first appearance of Gwenom and she shows up merged with the Venom symbiote more than enough in this issue to constitute a first appearance without the need for a "full" anything. Here's all the panels she appears as Gwenom and the in-between stuff. It is quite a bit as you'll soon see.

Once again, that is quite a bit she shows up as Gwenom in this issue. As shown in the last panel with the ad of what's to come next, Gwenom is actually named in issue #25, but then again, she is also named to the reader in this issue as well. 

As for issue #25, I'd be hard pressed to call it a first full appearance of Gwenom. Although, I am not going to feature that issue, it is Gwenom's first cover and might be sought-out because of that. 

I believe, this reality's Venom symbiote first appeared in Spider-Gwen #19. 

Cover date for this issue: Spider-Gwen #24 has the cover date of November, 2017, and all I'm going to say is that I do like the Paulo Siqueira Venomized cover better. You can check out the cover reference at mycomicshop, though it is out of stock there. 

Even the regular cover is out of stock, but I'm sure eBay has both copies though if you're really on the hunt for this issue.


I am gonna put the kabosh on this for the meantime. If there are more Spider-Woman worth knowing about, I'll update the list. As for a Spider-Gwen comics list of significant issues or some debuts perhaps, that may be in the works in the near future as well.

Okay, I did not include any keys or debuts relating to Silk because she did not take up the mantle or code name of "Spider-Woman" in any reality so far. Although yet another female spin-off character of our favorite web-slinger, she does have her own super-hero name independent of "Spider" and even "women". 

I think that's cool and should be kept that way. Amazing Spider-Man #4 from the volume 3 series is the debut of Cindy Moon as Silk, and I'm just including it because I think this character is primed for the big screen soon.

Once again, that's the regular cover. I'm sure there's a ton of variants, so up to you whether you're into that and which one.

As for Spider-Gwen getting her most recent name of Ghost Spider, I did have a twisted laugh at that. It was laugh and a face palm or was it the other way around.

I know some will most likely disagree with me but I think that name is lame. On top of that, there was already a character named Ghost-Spider from the Earth-11638 realm and debuted in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38.

So, she's still not getting an original super-hero code name. Anyway, this one went on longer than I expected. Enjoy the weekend and see back here soon for some more comic goodness. 

I will be bringing some things back in the next coming months.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Spider-Woman Key Comics & Other Issues Part 4

Well, I thought this would surely be the last part but I was wrong. Not to say that these are all great specs or anything, but they are markers for several different characters that held the mantle of Spider-Woman.

A while back, I realized that some who were looking to get into a character wanted to know where to start reading or around where was a good place to start. I figured why not help that out a bit and dig up some issues that may have a significant enough change for a certain character or characters.

You'll see more of what I mean as we progress into this here Part 4. Click this Part 3 link if you missed and be sure to come back round here.

2nd appearance of Spider-Gwen 
1st meeting of Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man 
Jessica Drew Spider-Woman joins Spider-Army
Spider-Gwen joins Spider-Army 
Spider-Verse begins

Continuity, cover and release date was taken into consideration here. When it comes to Spider-Gwen's actual 2nd appearance, there are quite a bit of comics that have the same cover date.

Okay, no big deal, right? So next up is release date and that leaves two comics - this one and Spider-Verse Team Up #1.

Well, since both have the same cover and release date, we have to go with issue's story that immediately follows Spider-Gwen's debut in Edge of Spider-Verse #2? Well, that would go to this issue here.

Actually, we didn't need to go through all that. I was just mucking around but the end of Edge of Spider-Verse #2 does reference that Amazing Spider-Man #9 of the volume 3 series directly continues the story. Here's how it plays.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, this is the issue where the main-stream continuity Spider-Man meets Spider-Gwen, and both of them join the Spider-Army. Silk also joins the team as well as Jessica Drew Spider-Woman.

Here's Spider-Gwen's appearances in order and this is a checklist from this actual issue. Note: Many of her early appearances are cameos.


Anyway, 2nd appearance of Spider-Gwen here. Note that she only appears in about 5 panels and quite a few are of her in blurred silhouette.

1st time she meets the mainstream Peter Parker or Spider-Man. This issue also officially begins the Spider-Verse event if that makes a big difference or not.

Here's the thing. I won't be mentioning retailer and exclusive store variants for a while, and I do have my reasons for that at least for now.

Unfortunately, the regular cover probably has a print run of 100k and up. Were there newsstands for this issue? Just talked to Ben Noble and he believes it's highly unlikely.

Okay, when it comes to the next appearances of Spider-Gwen in Spider-Verse Team-Up #1 and Spider-Verse #1, they are only cameos. Spider-Gwen is not in those issues very much, the most 3 panels.

She is not even in Amazing Spider-Man #10 all that much either. Her next full appearance would be in Spider-Woman #1 of the 2015 series. 

Dunno how industry is gonna play that one. Maybe they'll just back off entirely.

In short, most likely will be a tricky one to call when it comes to her actual 3rd appearance. Will they just be cameos until Spider-Woman #1 or will that issue and the others after this one just be noted - "Spider-Gwen appearance" - just to be safe?

We shall see how that transpires, but this is the character's 2nd appearance in comics. Another important tid-bit that I did not add in the key notations above is that this issue is the first mention of Earth-65.

Yes, this issue places Spider-Gwen in the alternate universe of Earth-65. This was not mentioned in Edge of Spider-Verse #2.

So, there it is. Panel above establishes an important factor for Spider-Gwen's mythos and the alternate reality where her tales take place. 

Release date for Amazing Spider-Man #9 volume 3 is November 5, 2014 and cover date is January, 2015.

3rd Jessica Drew Spider-Woman series

This is the 3rd Jessica Drew Spider-Woman series. The 2nd one was in 2008 and shortly after the whole Secret Invasion where she makes her really real come back and was revealed to have been captured by the Skrulls and impersonated by Queen Veranke for quite a while.

The 2008 series had Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman joins up with S.W.O.R.D. This organization is a counter terrorist and intelligence agency that deals with worldwide extraterrestrial threats.

Well, no surprise that Jessica Drew joined the agency in that series. In this series, however, the first four issues were part of the Spider-Verse event. 

Once again, this issue has tons of variants. I have sworn off talking about what I perceive are to be gimmick variants that emulate the 90s. 

Lucky for you there are other sites to get information about these retailer or store exclusive variants like mycomicshop or even Comic Vine. Links will bring you to some variant cover information for this exact issue.

The Manara variant is the controversial one that brought up the debate of being too sexual and sexually suggestive.

I don't know, but there's other covers out there that are a lot more sexually suggestive than that one. Whatever, though. It's that cover that got criticized. 

Once again, I'm not saying this is even a minor key issue or a key issue at all. Silk guest stars for a few issues of this series. 

Ben Urich and Porcupine do end up being supporting characters for this series and the volume 6 series that happens shortly after the end of this one.

The three characters of Jessica Drew, Spider-Gwen and Silk do guest star often with each other in their different series. Actually, Jessica does train and becomes a mentor to both Spider-Gwen and Silk in Spider-Women Alpha and Spider-Women Omega.

They would eventually form the group Spider-Women

This is a cover that I do actually like by Greg Land. Cover date of January, 2015 and Spider-Woman #1 of the 2015 series was released November 19th, 2014.

1st appearance Warriors of the Great Web
May Parker becomes Spider-Woman
Spider Army disbands

Okay, I don't consider this a key, or at least it's not even a minor one yet. Yes, Spider-Gwen does end up joining the Warriors of the Great Web. So does May Parker as Spider-Woman. Yes, that May Parker of the What If? #105 Spider-Girl and the 1990s series Amazing Spider-Girl.

So, here's the panels where May Parker is named or takes up the mantle of Spider-Woman in her reality.

Pretty cool. Like I said, just letting you know what issue May Parker Spider-Girl becomes Spider-Woman. As for the Warriors of the Great Web, dunno how important this team over-all is. The team had a short comic series titled Web Warriors that lasted for 11 issues or so.

There are variants of this issue and I've sworn off talking about them. I do understand that the regular copy just might have a pretty large print run.

So, you may want to head over to mycomicshop to see the details on retailer incentives or store exclusives concerning this issue. You may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere if you shop around and are into those kinds of variants.

April, 2015 is the cover date for Amazing Spider-Man #15 volume 3.

1st issue to 1st headlining series
1st Captain Frank Castle & Officer Ben Grimm
1st Detective Jean DeWolff

Since her next appearances are pretty much cameos, I'm just gonna skip to Spider-Gwen's very first headlining issue to her limited series. Yeah, you know, I put this in not for the 1st issue bit but for the debuts of Earth-65 Frank Castle and Jean DeWolff.

As you all know by now, I'm a Punisher fan and a fan of the original Sin Eater story line, The Death of Jean Dewolff. Will this play out in Spider-Gwen world? Dunno.

In this reality, Frank Castle is a police captain. When Gwen Stacy revealed herself to her father, who was Captain then, he obviously had a change of heart in hunting down Spider-Woman.

Mayor J. Jonah Jameson replaced him with Frank Castle, an ex marine and ex mercenary of Tony Stark's PMC (private military company) WAR MACHINE. Castle is a crazed villain in this reality.

Jean DeWolff is a detective like in the regular Earth-616 mainstream continuity. Ben Grimm is a police officer.

Matt Murdock, who is still Daredevil, is a villain in this alternate reality as well. He is a high ranking member in Wilson Fisk's organization. Better be since he is also the Kingpin's lawyer and council. Murdock still has the same powers and was trained by Stick and the Hand in this reality.

Anyway, like I said before, pretty interesting twist to all these already established characters. Print run for regular cover was pretty big for this one, and there is naturally a boat load of gimmick variant covers.

There's even some misprint or error copies that are popping up for this issue. Up to you, as I'm tired of the gimmick variants like retailer incentives and store exclusives.

So once again, here's links to three sources that have more information on them and they are: mycomicshop and Comic Vine and Grand Comic Database.

Spider-Gwen #1 has the cover date of April, 2015.

Spider-Woman new costume
Ben Urich & Porcupine become supporting cast

Okay, take this as you will, but Spider-Woman gets a new costume. Yes, seriously, this is actually the character's first new costume since she debuted in 1977.

Okay, okay, minus the slight alteration to where her costume allowed her black hair to flow. Anyway, new costume (even if it's just a leather jacket with the Spider logo design) and that's that.

Don't know if it's a remotely iconic look, but it's a modern look for Jessica Drew Spider-Woman. This costume was designed by Kris Anka.

This issue sees the addition of Ben Urich and Porcupine as supporting cast members, and Ben and Jess would own a private investigation company together.

Porcupine, turning over a new leaf to be a better father to his little girl, ends up becoming Jessica's sidekick in this series and volume 6. 

Not yet a key but may be one to take note. Once again, this is a somewhat significant event for Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, so there are some variants for this issue.

Mycomicshop has some information on them and so does Comic Vine. I'm pretty sure you can see the variants on ole eBay too. 

Cover date is May, 2015 for Spider-Woman #5 volume 5 and this comic hit the shops March 4th, 2015.

1st issue to 1st headlining on-going series

Part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel, I suppose Spider-Gwen needed a test spin in order to graduate in getting an on-going series. Just kidding as I don't know if that's true or not.

What is true is the first limited series Spider-Gwen was a success. I think the first issue to volume 1 sold over 250,000 copies.

I'm pretty sure this issue got some print love as well. Not sure but ComicChron estimates the print run for the regular cover at possibly 197,103.

Once again, tons of variants which I will not be discussing, but I'll point you to some resources that do talk about them like GCD or mycomicshop.

December, 2015 is the cover date for Spider-Gwen #1 volume 2 and it was released October 14, 2015.

1st issue to yet another Spider-Man comic series
Jessica Drew revealed to be pregnant 

Wow, first over-sexual poses on covers and now Jessica Drew getting knocked up? What else will they come up with to give the Fem-Nazi's a reason to criticize this character?

Dunno, but I'm sure they'll come up with something. Actually, I'm just kidding here and don't really see a problem with this as it is addressing the times.

What am I talking about? A larger growth of single mothers, at least in the U.S. Dunno about anywhere else.

Being a normal single mother is a busy feat but adding the super-hero factor in there? Probably makes for some drama for sure.

Anyway, besides this being the first issue to the All-New, All-Different Marvel soft boot of Amazing Spider-Man comic series, the story "What to Expect" reveals that our one and only Jessica Drew is pregnant and pretty far a long since the events of the rehashed Secret Wars.

This is how readers find out about this twist for the character.

Yes, there is more to the story than the panels I showed, but the above two are beginning of the story and the last one is obviously the end. I put the last one in there to show you where the story of Jessica Drew continues in and that is in Spider-Woman #1 of the 6th series, I believe.

Wow, I guess she really did quit the Avengers to lead a more normal life. Actually, being a single super-hero mom isn't all that normal even in the world of Marvel Comics.

The aspect of Jessica revealed to be pregnant is over-looked when it comes to this particular issue. The issue itself is not over-looked by any means.

Once again, most likely a hoard of variants which I will not be discussing. This is a Jessica Drew Spider-Woman key, and it is a very significant event for the character even if it's not that well-known currently or even talked about much.

Cover date for Amazing Spider-Man #1 volume 4 is December, 2015 and release date is October 7th 2015.


Like usual, the outro is going to contain some Spider-Woman comics worth mentioning, maybe definitely worth mentioning. Jessica Drew Spider-Woman is known as an Avenger but this is a more recent thing.

I've already mentioned that she joined the Avengers but was a Skrull posing as her. So New Avengers #3 shows Veranke as Spider-Woman join and infiltrate the New Avengers.

Despite being revealed to be a Skrull later, this did revive the character of Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman after a long hiatus as a non-costumed super-hero. New Avengers also establishes the character, even though an imposter, as an Avenger.

However, after the events of Secret Invasion, the real Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman really joins the Avengers in New Avengers #48 of the first series. This move further associates Jessica Drew as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the Marvel Universe.

So, real Spider-Woman joins Avengers in that issue. Yes, this issue is part of the Dark Reign story line that covers the aftermath of Secret Invasion. 

Back to Mattie Franklin as Spider-Woman and she is the third to take up the mantle.  The image below is the first issue to her on-going series. The series only lasted for about 18 issues but it is the 2nd on-going Spider-Woman titled comic series.

As for the 2nd image in the gallery, that is the 1st issue to Jessica Drew's 2nd comic series as Spider-Woman, the one about her as an agent of S.W.O.R.D. It only lasted 7 issues.

Spider-Woman #1 Vol 3

Spider-Woman #1 Vol 4

Alright, there will be a Part 5 and then I'm gonna have to call it. This is longer than I expected and I did not include Silk. 

Reason for that is because she never took on the code name of "Spider-Woman". Earth-65 Gwen Stacy is called "Spider-Woman" in that reality.

Alright see ya soon for more comic goodness. Be safe out there during the rest of the silly season.