Thursday, December 18, 2014

Harley Quinn Key Issues

Gonna have to divert a bit and fulfill this request by Andy. Harley Quinn is hot...well, she's been a popular and sought out character already, but since the Suicide Squad movie news and the casting of the character, Harley Quinn key issue comics concernning her early appearances are steaming up nicely or have already skyrocketed.

I felt this needed to be done in haste or asap, so this will be a short and sweet one, much like the Supergirl keys list. Alrighty, let's rock this!

1st appearance of Harley Quinn in comic books

This one I've mentioned a few times already and it's definitely up there in price, past the $1,000 mark for CGC 9.8. Sure this comic was already sought after and a Modern Age key worth snagging, but the Suicide Squad movie hype definitely pushed Batman Adventures into out of reach prices for super high grade.

To clear things up, Batman Adventures #12 is Harley Quinn's first appearance in a comic book format, but not in DC canon or mainstream. Regardless, it is still a first appearance and raw copies might be more appealing and less heavy on the wallet if you still want to gun after this issue.

eBay - No problem finding this one on eBay currently for both raw and slabbed. Mostly 9.8s and 9.6 NM+s at the moment for slabbed copies.

mycomicshop - Two CGC 9.8 copies on consignment and both pretty damn expensive for a Modern Age book.

ComicLink - Only one CGC 9.6 NM+ copy here.

2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in comics
First origin of Harley Quinn in comics

Mentioned just recently on the 2nd appearances key issues list, Batman Adventures Mad Love Special #1 is the 2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in comics (not canon), and it's also the first told origin of Harley Quinn in comics.

Just like stated before, this is one is pretty hot in the market already as most Harley Quinn related keys are, especially early Harley Quinn key comics in canon or not.

eBay - A few raw options and a bit more CGC options as well. 9.8s and 9.6s present and they are getting a bit up there already. Watch out for the 3rd prints of this issue. You won't be able to find this one cheap anymore in high grades for sure unless you get really lucky with a totally clueless seller. Could happen.

mycomicshop - Two copies here and one is a CGC 9.8 and the other a raw FN.

3rd comic appearance of Harley Quinn in comics
1st Batman Adventures Annual

If we're talking about the 3rd appearance of Harley Quinn in comic books and not canon, Batman Adventures Annual #1 is it. This definitely isn't over-looked at the moment. The market has heated up for this issue, but CGC 9.8s are not ridiculously out there yet. 9.8 copies is just breaking the $100 mark so far for auction listings.

So if you're a fan of Harley Quinn or her 1st and 2nd appearances are too expensive, this one may be a great alternative to get cheap and still in high grades.

eBay - Some raw options and some CGC options as well. 9.8s are present as well as 9.6 NM+s. 9.4 CGC NM copy on there is pretty cheap, and so are the 9.6 NM+s at time of this writing.

mycomicshop - A few copies here and only one is a CGC. It's a 9.6 NM+ and the rest are raw. Highest raw is a VF/NM. All comics here are on consignment so a buyer's premium will be charged.

First canonical appearance of Harley Quinn
More detailed origin of Harley Quinn (canonical)

I've yet to feature this comic, but I recently mentioned it briefly in the 2nd appearances list. This is the first canonical appearance of Harley Quinn in DC's mainstream continuity. Meaning it's official or DC considers it official and part of the mainstream DC universe of comics.

That fact has no bearing on the value of Batman Adventures #12 to just make it clear. Batman Adventures #12 is still the Harley Quinn first appearance that is coveted. It only means that this Batman: Harley Quinn comic has hit the hot burner since the market recognized it for it's key issue worthiness.

I should also note that this origin expands on the one told in Batman Adventures Mad Love and is still based on that. The origin presented in Batman: Harley Quinn just adds more details in order to fit into the regular Batman canon of comics.

eBay - Finding a 1st printing of this one won't be easy on eBay. A lot of people have already snagged up a lot of them. There is a CGC 9.8 that's a new listing. Already up there in price. Also spotted another 9.8 for considerably less. PGX 9.8 was also spotted.

mycomicshop - A handful of copies here and two will be going up for auction Jan 3rd of 2015. They are both raw and the highest auction will be a VF/NM. As for copies available now for sale, there are three and all three are on consignment. Only one of them is a CGC 9.8 and the other two are a raw FN and a VG/FN.

2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in canon
First appearance in mainstream title

Harley Quinn's 2nd appearance in DC's mainstream continuity, and the first time she's in a mainstream comic title. It's pretty fitting she starts this in a Batman title, right?

Definitely heating up and it's caught on before I even mentioned it in the 2nd appearances keys list. It hasn't caught on in huge numbers just yet, but with this character hitting the big screen and 2nd appearances on the rise in the market, it's only a matter of time for this Modern Age key issue to get as crazy as the character herself. Batman #570 was published October, 1999.

eBay - Really limited selection for this one currently. Only about two copies, and no CGC either.

mycomicshop - Only one FN/VF copy here on consignment.

3rd appearance of Harley Quinn in canon
2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in mainstream comic title

Although published in the same month of the same year, this is the second and last part to the story line The Code. Therefore, it's Harley Quinn's 3rd appearance in DC canon or mainstream continuity.

This would also be Harley Quinn's 2nd appearance in a mainstream title, and it's no surprise that it's in Detective Comics. Still very much under the radar currently, so getting this one cheap shouldn't be a problem. Detective Comics #737 was published October, 1999 as well.

eBay - Selection is limited for this one at the moment on eBay. No CGC and not surprising as the market has yet to pick up on this one yet at all.

mycomicshop - VF and FN copies here. Both are raw and in stock, so no buyer's premium.

1st issue to 1st Harley Quinn titled on-going series

Much like the other #1 issues to some Modern Age comics that start off a character's title series, or a new version of a team's (Guardians of the Galaxy) titled series, it's no surprise that the first on-going Harley Quinn titled comic series would be hunted down by the market as well.

This comic in CGC 9.8 is getting to the mid $100 range for auctions, meaning the last dropped around $150. I think a high grade raw copy would be a better bet on the wallet or purse, since it is a Modern Age comic, just beginning to get heat, and will probably have a very low chance of restoration.

Still, if you want the guaranteed 9.8, might be best to wait for an auction or a Buy It Now at a decent price with a Best Offer. Plenty of over-bloated prices already on eBay for this issue. Look up the recent sold prices on eBay and you'll see what I mean.

December, 2000 was when this Harley Quinn #1 was published.

eBay - Will be a hunt for this one on eBay. There are copies of them but they are mixed in with everything Harley Quinn and there is a 2013 series as well. Saw some raw copies as well as CGC 9.8s that are nearing the $200 mark. Didn't see any 9.6s though I'm sure they are there. - Will be a hunt for this one on eBay. There are copies of them but they are mixed in with everything Harley Quinn and there is a 2013 series as well. Saw some raw copies as well as CGC 9.8s that are nearing the $200 mark. Didn't see any 9.6s though I'm sure they are there.

mycomicshop - Quite a lot of copies here for this issue. Two are CGC and the highest is a 9.8 and the other a 9.6 NM+. Raw copies available as well and the highest is a 9.4 NM and strangely over-priced higher than the CGC 9.8. High grade raw copies also in stock.

Alrighty, these are Harley Quinn's early appearances in comics that are 1st, 2nd and 3rd appearances. Much like the craziness of the character and the Joker she fell for, her various early appearances are quite strange themselves. Her earliest three appearances in comics are based off the Batman Animated Adventures, a cartoon, so it's no surprise that other issues in the regular mainstream comics are addressing all this canon and continuity key appearances as well.

Anyways, I felt it necessary to cut in on the 2nd appearances keys list to get this one out there as quick as possible. Hope this helps you in your hunt, and we'll return back to the 2nd appearances shortly.