Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hawkeye Key Issue Comics

I'm moving this up to the front of the request line, because I've done quite a few DC Comic key issues in a row previously. Needless to say, it's good to get back to talking about some Marvel key issues.

So as requested recently, here's a short and sweet Hawkeye key issues list. It will mainly deal with Clint Barton and it won't be all that in-depth.

I won't be talking too much about classic story arcs or going all that in-depth with new costumes and stuff like that, because his classic Hawkeye costume is the most iconic and the actual design of it hasn't really changed all that much over the years. Also, quitting and rejoining of the team for this character, forget about it.

However, his origins and Clint Barton's first appearances as other characters will be included. This is Part 1 to this Hawkeye key issue comics list.

1st appearance of Hawkeye

Clint Barton as Hawkeye has been a notable and popular Avenger for quite some time, but he didn't start off as a hero. Actually, the archer started off as a villain and has been closely linked to Black Widow since the beginning.

While breaking into Stark Industries and having his first run-in with Iron Man, Hawkeye accidentally hits Black Widow with one of his arrows. He grabs Black Widow and flees with her in a boat, escaping Tony Stark.

Tales of Suspense #57 is the first appearance of Hawkeye in comics, and has been sought out and in-demand for quite some time. The character, portrayed by Jeremy Renner, in the Marvel movies has made this comic quite valuable in the current market.

A definite must-have for any Hawkeye fan, and probably one of the only ones to really concern oneself with in terms of comic investing. Tales of Suspense #57 was published September, 1964.

2nd appearance of Hawkeye

Tales of Suspense #60 sees the 2nd appearance of Hawkeye, and this character once again goes up against Iron Man. Black Widow convinces Hawkeye to raid Stark Industries once more.

Pretty over-looked in the market, but not cheap in high grade NM concerning slabbed copies. Still, not that noted by sellers in terms of the character's 2nd appearance.

Huge disparity in value concerning Tales of Suspense #60 and his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #57, and this 2nd appearance of Hawkeye issue was published December, 1964.

3rd appearance of Hawkeye

Black Widow gets a new costume in this issue, but it's not the iconic one we all know and love today. I do believe it's her first superhero-type costume though. Regardless, Tales of Suspense #64 sees the 3rd appearance of Hawkeye.

Once again, linking the two characters of Hawkeye and Black Widow, this issues sees Black Widow asked with the mission of destroying Iron Man and she seeks out the help of our favorite Marvel archer.

Once again, the pair go up against Iron Man, and once again the duo fail. This would be the last appearance of Hawkeye as a baddie. Tales of Suspense #64 was published April, 1965.

4th appearance of Hawkeye
Hawkeye joins Avengers

This should be a pretty big one in terms of Avengers key issues. It sees the joining of several major Avengers characters and a new Avengers line up.

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join the team in this issue, and so does Hawkeye. Looks like Clint Barton will turn over a new leaf and try his hand at being a hero instead of duking it out with Iron Man, and in this issue he renounces his villainous ways.

Avengers #16 also marks the 4th appearance of Hawkeye in comics, and the rest is truly history as Hawkeye does become quite a popular member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. This comic is definitely no over-looked sleeper anymore, and it was published May, 1965.

1st origin of Hawkeye
1st appearance of Swordsman
An unwanted visitation from Hawkeye's past reveals the character's first origin story in Avengers #19. It also introduces the original Swordsman, Jacques Duquesne, but he isn't all that much of a popular character in the Marvel Universe.

Regardless, we learn from Hawkeye that the Swordsman was once his tutor when he was in the circus. This origin pretty much stayed in tack over the years, but it was expanded and evolved later on.

This issue is more sought out for the origin of Hawkeye than the first appearance of the Swordsman, but the two characters would be forever linked. Avengers #19 was published August, 1965.

Clint Barton becomes Goliath

Just like in Avengers Age of Ultron, Clint Barton questions his role in the Avengers and considers himself a weak link when his bow breaks during a crucial moment in battle in this issue. He starts getting some Henry Pym self-conscious issues and decides it's time to make a change.

That's right Clint Barton becomes the 2nd Goliath, and stays this character for some time. April, 1969 was when this comic was published.

Concerning Hawkeye key issue comics that are good comic investments, Part 1 probably has the most in this series. However, there are more key issues concerning the character and they are mostly in the Copper Age and Modern Age. We will be wrapping up the Silver Age concerning Hawkeye key comics or ones pertaining to Clint Barton and notable villains specifically tied to the character in Part 2.

Future key issues will deal with some supporting Hawkeye characters that are directly related to Clint Barton. Fortunately, many of these characters are also notable and not so notable enemies of Hawkeye as well.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Valiant Validated Signature Series Editions

Alright, as promised and as requested, here's what I think is the entire list of Valiant Validated Signature Series comics that came out during the 90s concerning Valiant Comics. These limited editions also known as V.V.S.S. editions or copies all come with a certificate of authenticity and are low print or rare comics signed by certain artists and writers for each issue.


Signed: Sean Chen & Kathryn Bolinger
Est Print Run: 5,500
Date: May, 1993



Signed: John Ostrander & Bob Layton
Est Print Run: 5,500
Date: June, 1993


Signed: Clifford Van Meter
Est Print Run: 2,500
Date: June, 1993


Signed: Kevin VanHook & Don Perlin
Est Print Run: 3,000 
Date: July, 1993


Signed: Bart Sears & Randy Elliott
Est Print Run: 5,500
Date: July, 1993 


Signed: Kevin VanHook & Dick Giordano
Est Print Run: 2,500
Date: March, 1994


Signed: Bob Hall & Tom Ryder
Est Print Run: 1,300
Date: April, 1994 


Signed: Tony Bedard & Dave Ross
Est Print Run: 1,000
Date: May, 1994


Signed: Jorge Gonzalez & Jim Califiore
Est Print Run: 1,200
Date: June, 1994


Signed: Maurice Fontenot & Peter Grau
Est Print Run: 1,600
Date: August, 1994


Signed: Tony Bedard & Mike Leeke
Est Print Run: 800
Date: September, 1994


Signed: John Ostrander, Ted Halsted & Mike DeCarlo
Est Print Run: 700
Date: November, 1994


Signed: Maurice Fontenot, Rags Morales & Ken Branch
Est Print Run: 1,000
Date: November, 1994


Signed: Bob Hall & Gonzalo Mayo
Est Print Run: 750
Date: December, 1994

Some of these V.V.S.S copies are key issues and some are common issues. There isn't much else to say about these on my part except that if you're a Valiant fan or like rare comics or signed comics, then these just may be great comics to invest in. 

Hope this helps you on your hunt or earning extra comic money for something else. You never know. You might have one of these and not even know it.