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Classic Comic Battles Key Issues Part 10

Another part, another round of classic comic battles. Now, there's only one really valuable key issue in Part 10 of this series. The rest do have classic battles, but aren't overly valuable monetarily. 

Then again, I'm not going by value or even speculation or comic investing. I probably should be in order to narrow the subject down by a lot.

Some are just great, classic battles that have some sort of distinction may it be the content, the artwork, the story arc, etc. And they can come from any era. 

If you missed Part 9, the link will bring you back. Battle stations!

300 #4
1st battle between Spartans & Persians
1st appearance of Xerxes

I wanna change gears here for a brief second. Classic comic book battles can come from any era, but this is by no doubt a classic battle and comic series by Frank Miller. The movie is quite different in the way the story is told, and maybe some enjoy the actual comic better and some enjoy the movie better.

Either way, the movie did depict great battle scenes plucked right out from the comic. Of course, the film was more graphic and fluid in terms of the fight scenes, but the comic was pretty graphic as well

Yes, a lot of things were added to the film in order to produce a more dramatic story, but the first battle scenes between the Spartans and the Persians in issue #4 are freakin' awesome.

The art is truly a work of art and just gorgeous, and there are two battles that occur in issue #4. One is during the day and the other is at night where they battle the Immortals. I'll cover both.
The pages above is actually from issue #3 and ends that issue. The pages below are from issue #4 of the limited comic series and starts the iconic battle based off of history.

A 1998 comic series that is definitely great work by Frank Miller. I'm a big fan of both the movie and the comic series and both absolutely have their merits.

The artwork for the comics are all on double page spreads, giving the effect of how colossal the battle and story is. Although the movie had embellishments, I think they captured the grandness and ferocity of the story and battles depicted in 300 #4.

Classic Frank Miller comic series, and definitely a ferocious classic comic book battle that's based on actual history. I highly recommend both the movie and the comics for highly enjoyable entertainment.

SPARTANS, PREPARE FOR GLORY!!! 300 #4 has the cover date of August, 1998 and was published by Dark Horse comics.

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1st appearance of Baron Mordo
2nd appearance of Doctor Strange
1st Dr. Strange & Baron Mordo battle

Even though this comic is far more widely known as the 1st appearance of Baron Mordo, it does have the first classic battle between Doctor Strange and his arch enemy Baron Mordo as well. Strange Tales #111 is definitely a key issue that has gotten a lot of heat in the market since a Doctor Strange movie was rumored way back when this site first started out.

I'm not all that into magic battles or magic based characters, but Mordo and Strange do have a classic battle in astral form in this issue. Once again, Jim Frye did a video that captures this comic and battle. It's embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Pretty obvious for a classic battle that also has the first appearance of a major Doctor Strange villain. 

What else is there to say? We'll definitely be seeing these two face off for the first time on the big screen this coming September, and it should be an exciting flick.

The first trailer definitely looked trippy, and this issue has been quite a valuable comic investment for the past few years. I would still keep a sharp on it, though. No telling how this book will do a few months after movie hype.

Anyways, Strange Tales #111 has the first appearance of Baron Mordo, first battle between Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo, 2nd appearance of Doctor Strange and the cover date of August, 1963.

Thor vs. Thanos

Let's go with something even more obvious. Since the Infinity War films have been confirmed and most of the Marvel flicks are leading up to the two climatic films, there's a good chance we'll see Thor and Thanos duke it out on the big screen. I'm sure the Hulk and Thanos will have a go in the films as well.

In the comics, they have brawled several times for sure, and this isn't the first time they had a go at it. However, since the films Infinity War I & II are supposedly based off this comic's limited series, probably very loosely based off it, we might as well throw it in here.

Not to mention that this is a classic Copper Age comic book series written by none other than Jim Starlin. It's hailed as a fan-favorite for a reason, and the battles contained in it are all classic.

Thor vs. Thanos is actually stretching it a bit. This entire comic holds an epic battle between Thanos and many heroes such as Nova, She-Hulk, Wolverine, Cyclops, Spidey, and more. I'm just gonna focus on the Thor vs. Thanos part of the battle. or else I'd basically be showing the entire comic. Besides, I think Thor and Thanos go at it the longest in this issue.

Thanos just tosses Thor away like trash. While Firelord, Wolverine, and other heroes get easily dispatched by Thanos, Thor turns back into Eric Masterson for a tick until he reaches his hammer again. After transforming back to Thor, he returns for another round at the Mad Titan, Thanos!

Thanos turns Thor into glass and then shatters him. This entire comic is a classic comic battle between a slew of Marvel heroes as you can tell from the panels just focusing on Thor and Thanos. 

Captain America, Hulk and Drax the Destroyer have their tussles with Thanos, and also Nova and Quasar. I'm really excited in seeing this battle being played out on the big screen in the Infinity Wars movies.

I know it's not going to be like the comic, but it still should be an epic battle regardless.The Infinity Gauntlet #4 has the cover date of October, 1991.

Alright, I know there's a ton of classic comic battles I've yet to discuss, but this series was expected to be a big one and switching gears to something else is needed before we all get burned out on it. So, we will have an unspecified and undetermined intermission of sorts before venturing back to this topic.

By the way and totally off topic, Netflix and Marvel Television did recently confirm a Punisher spin-off TV series! Awesome and not too surprised.

Anyways, taking a break from this series for a while, but don't worry. We'll definitely be getting back to it in time. Hope you all enjoyed so far and see ya soon for something else.


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Classic Comic Battles Key Issues Part 9

Although the posts for this particular series does take a lot of time in finding the panels for these battles, which I admit I often don't get all them and have to resort to purchasing digital comics if an issue is available, it is quite fun to see these actual classic comic battles if you don't have these issues.

Also some just don't want to risk reading their copy or already have them slabbed. Probably one of the more fun series I've done in a while, even if I threw the whole comic investing part of it in the back seat.

Sometimes, you just gotta geek out and keep the fandom alive! So, we here at Part 9, and there will only be two. Reason for that is both issues are jam-packed full of battles, and it does have to do with two super-teams from the DC realm. 

Click this Part 8 link if you missed it. Otherwise, let's get this round going. Ding! Ding!

1st appearance of Crime Syndicate of America
1st battles between JLA members & CSA members
1st Silver Age appearance of Starman

This here is a fun comic and pretty goofy as well. With Earth-Two being established, Justice League of America #29 is part of the early Multiple Earths story line that expanded the multi-verse in DC's universe of comics.

It was a way to bring back the old Golden Age characters and to establish why some characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman coexisted with the new Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern among others since those three character's comic titles still continued being published after superhero comics tanked shortly after World War II.

Anyways, this issue here jam-packed with action. Different members of the Justice League of America square off against the Crime Syndicate of America on Earth-3, where their counterparts are evil. The fights are kinda goofy, and not really slug fests. 

But there is a lot of action, and for a kid back in the early 60s, I can imagine them geeking out. Today, however? Not really.

Regardless, who says goofy can't be classic?

Goofy but still entertaining, but not any more goofier than the battle between Spider-Man and Green Goblin when they first met. I often wonder why they only had Wonder Woman go up against her Earth-3 counterpart, Superwoman. A fight between Ultraman and Superman could've been more of a show down, and Batman vs. Johnny Quick? I think a super speedster would've had his way with Bats.

Green Lantern battling Owlman is probably the worst match up in this issue. Him going up against Batman would've been much better, but they all do go up against their doppelgangers in the next issue. Guess they weren't trying to go with the obvious just yet in this issue.

Classic issue and definitely jam packed with action battles. Justice League of America #29 has the cover date of August, 1964.

1st battle between CSA & JSA
2nd battle between JLA & CSA
2nd appearance of Crime Syndicate of America

Here is the continuation of the whole Earth-3 deal, and this issue has two classic battles that first sees the Justice Society of America battle the Crime Syndicate of America. Brief battle, but Black Canary and Superwoman are matched up in a bout and Golden Age Hawkman goes at it with Johnny Quick.

Another fun issue with lots of action. Crime Syndicate of America aren't the most popular of JLA villains, but this issue does expand on the concept of the multi-verse in DC Comics. They do show up from time to time and are even in the newer comics.

So round one are members of the Justice Society of America duking it out with different members of the Crime Syndicate of America.

When the Justice League of America arrive on the scene, they have their 2nd battle with the Crime Syndicate of America. Most of the battles are pretty silly and disappointing, so I don't consider their 2nd round classic, maybe with the exception of Wonder Woman and Superwoman's battle.

I'll throw in the panels just for the hell of it, so you can see how ridiculous and disappointing most of them are.

Not the best battles and many of them were were pretty boring concerning the 2nd battle of the Justice League of America and the Crime Syndicate of America. For being evil counterparts to some of the most powerful superheroes in the DC world, they sure are taken out quite easily.

Superman vs. Ultraman could've been a lot more exciting as well as the Flash vs. Johnny Quick. Batman's first battle with Owlman was just pretty darn lame. The only decent one was Wonder Woman's fight with Superwoman, but that was a quickie as well.

The battle between the members of Justice Society of America and Crime Syndicate of America was much better and more classic than the Justice League of America going up against their Earth-3 doppelgangers. Ultraman would be revamped later into Kal-ll of Earth-3 in the New 52, and much of his evil Earth-3 comrades would also be players in the New 52 as well.

Superwoman, Power Ring, Owlman, and Johnny Quick would be revamped, but the New 52 also would bring in evil counterparts of Firestorm known as Deathstorm, Alfred Pennyworth's evil counterpart known as the Outsider, and a new evil character called Atomica.

Remember, though, that this is a very early JLA battle against another super group of villains. The first was the Demons Three (if you count that) and the 2nd was the Crime Champions (Justice League of America #21), and then the Crime Syndicate of America. 

The cover to this issue is actually more exciting than the JLA vs CSA battle contained in it. Justice League of America #30 has the cover date of September, 1964.

Well, one has to start off somewhere, and believe it or not, these are pretty big battles contained in Justice League of America #29 and #30. Even if they're not the most valuable of keys out there, they do play a role in bringing back the Justice Society of America and giving them a place in DC's multi-verse during the Silver, Bronze, and early Copper Age.

So they are pretty significant in helping to build and make sense of the DC Universe during the Silver Age revival of superheroes. It is a building block of sorts, and even if these key issues and battles aren't as widely known to the younger folk, they are classic in a historical sense.

Like mentioned before, the Crime Syndicate of America was one of the earliest super-villain teams that the JLA went up against. Sure, they aren't the most popular of JLA villains, but they stuck around for quite some time and were revamped often to fit into whatever current continuity that was going on with DC Comics.

With the Flash TV series and season 2 making use of Earth-2, I'm suspecting that Earth-3 just might be used for the show as well. Would be kinda cool to see Johnny Quick or even a Crime Syndicate member pop up somewhere in the TV series.

Endless possibilities for the Flash show, but enough of speculating. Anyways, it's all just for fun and pure entertainment.  I don't know about you, but seeing how artists handled dramatic battles then is kinda cool and fun for me. 

Hope it is for all of you as well. Rock on!