Thursday, November 20, 2014

KEY ISSUE ALERT: Ms. Marvel #2 1977

Ms. Marvel #2
Origin of Ms. Marvel
2nd appearance
First appearance of Michael Barnett 
Published February, 1977
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Gerry Conway 
Artist: John Buscema


eBayQuite a few unslabbed options here and still quite affordable. May be some work to sift through the junk and find a decent high grade copy.


Captain Marvel movie? Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel? First Marvel female led movie?

There are other important reasons than the above for why this Bronze key issue. First, this comic is gaining steam in the market for these two main reason: It's the origin of Ms. Marvel and 2nd appearance of Ms. Marvel. 

Not the origin of exactly how she gets her powers like in Captain Marvel #18, in which Ms. Marvel #2 does retell. This issue tells a bit more of her Kree origins and earlier adventures as Ms. Marvel, and it's told during a lunch date with Mary Jane Watson of all people. 

Despite this being noted as the origin of Ms. Marvel, there is another important key issue factor to note with Ms. Marvel #2 that isn't noted yet, and that's this issue is the 2nd published appearance of Ms. Marvel. We should all know that 2nd appearances are gaining steam in the market for some characters, especially ones with movies coming out.

Another key reason and maybe minor and maybe not is the first appearance of Michael Barnett in Ms. Marvel #2. Why Michael Barnett? Well, aside from being the psychiatrist that helps Carol Danvers realize that she is the super heroine Ms. Marvel, the character is actually a love interest for Carol Danvers.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that he will be in the movie, but it will be a good opportunity to switch the gender roles and actually have the dude be a non-super powered love interest like Natalie Portman in Thor. I, for one, think the character of Michael Barnett should be in the Captain Marvel movie.

Maybe not as a psychiatrist, but that would be interesting to play upon a super hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe visiting a shrink. So, origin of Ms. Marvel, 2nd appearance of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, and first appearance of love interest, supporting character, Michael Barnett. If the head shrink character does end up being cast in the movie, consider it an extra bonus concerning this key issue.

Right now, Ms. Marvel #2 is steaming up. It's a comic that hasn't really taken off yet, though two CGC 9.8 copies were recently bought past the $300 mark, one an auction and the other a Buy It Now, bidding auctions for CGC 9.6s and 9.4s may be a good ones to be on the look out for concerning this Ms. Marvel key issue. 

Over-bloated prices for some of these CGC copies have just started popping up. Best to ignore them.

Even better are snagging unslabbed copies in terms of price. On eBay, high grades of this key issue are still quite affordable. Checking out your local comic shop or comic con may prove even more fruitful as well. This comic may still be in the bargain bins if your local dealer hasn't caught on just yet.

Holy crap! I'm actually recommending raw copies? Sure, this key issue was highly over-looked, not really wanted, a sleeper - whatever you want to call it - before the movie hype. It is a key issue, but one of the Bronze Age key issues that most in the market really didn't care for. Chances of you getting a restored copy is extremely low. 

Either way, this comic is steaming up and it's only a matter of time before the rest catch on and start gunning for this as more Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers news hits the net.

If you got this one already or not sure, probably best to check your stash to make sure. May be close to a good time to either CGC it if you think you got a high enough grade or hold onto it a smidge longer until this comic hits the hot burner before cashing in. 

After all, the Captain Marvel movie won't be released until 2018. No real hurry in selling just yet, but snagging is a surely a different story.