Saturday, July 23, 2016

First Luke Cage Trailer & Defenders Teaser

Well, it's another summer and that means another San Diego Comic Con where comics and comic movie news are rolled out to garner more fan excitement. So, this year, we get our first teaser for Luke Cage's Netflix TV series that's coming out at the end of September.

Not too far off from now, but if you've yet to see the Luke Cage trailer, I've included it below.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about this show. After Jessica Jones, my interest in the Luke Cage Netflix series sunk pretty low. 

After watching the trailer, however, my interest watching the show has risen. I know it's just a trailer and that doesn't mean much, but I thought the trailer was pretty cool.

I didn't really expect much from the Defenders teaser either, but I do liked how it was done. It doesn't really show much as expected, but Stick's voice is used and kind of sets a bit of tone. It's a no-brainer that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will come together to face some kind of major threat.

Also, if you're a Punisher fan like myself, you might wanna check out Marvel Live's interview with Jon Bernthal and Jeph Loeb about the Netflix Punisher spin-off. Doesn't really tell you much about what to expect, but it's a good filler promo in the meantime.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hot Key Comics of 2016 Part 19

One more part to this series of key comics that have been or are hot during 2016 before another intermission. Two I've talked about already and one I was pretty reluctant to even mention or talk about.

Crazy speculators and some of the stuff they go after, but a comic that heated up is a comic that heated up regardless. So, let's get this on.

1st appearance of Moon Knight

Is it speculation, or is there something behind this one? Back in 2007 or 2008, I got a raw copy for around $30 bucks. Of course, it was advertised as a lesser grade and it came back a 7.0 from ole CGC.

This comic so far has proven to be pretty scarce in the NM+ and up grades. It's well on the radar and has been so for a while, so I can't fathom why a large amount of super high grade raw copies would still be unslabbed.

Don't get wrong. I see a bit of raw copies on eBay currently, but I doubt a lot of them are high grade or in the NM range.

So far CGC 9.8s only have 12 in the census. 66 are 9.6s and the most amount of copies in the census so far are 8.5s with 200 registered slabs. Of course, this is just for CGC also. They're not the only grading company out there.

I'm just saying that CGC 9.8s don't make it to market as often, so it's hard to compare this year to last year. Last year saw a CGC 9.8 sell for $15,000, and I think it was a record breaker.

But that's not to say that this comic wasn't hot over-all in 2016. It sure has been and for most grades.

So far CGC 9.8 have not sold this year, or I can't find any info on any sales of that this year, so we'll skip down to NM+s. Now, 9.6s hasn't done better than last year, but then again there's only been one sale on eBay this year.

It has been threatening to settle into the $4,000 zone since last year, and the two times it hit the $4,000 mark has been fixed priced. Bidding auctions are still pretty close to that mark for the most recent sales including this year.

But that's just eBay. There was a sale of a 9.6 NM+ CGC copy at ComicLink for $8,000, but I'm not sure if that sold this year or last year. It's a Marvel Art Review pedigree or something as well.

However, and even though the other CGC 9.6 NM+ copy there hasn't sold just yet, it is bid up to $4,075 at the time of this writing.

On eBay land, Werewolf by Night #32 CGC 9.4 has been slowly hiking upwards. It's definitely nestled into the $2000 range.

It hit that range last year as well, but still stumbled back and forth from the $1,000 range to $2000 range in 2015. This year even saw a high of $2,512.00 while last years high was $2,348.00. 

So not too bad for this comic at 9.4s this year. Most of the sales on eBay for this grade has been via bidding auctions as well. 

Slabbed 9.2s muscled into the $1000 range last year, and made a record sale of $2000 this year. Most recent sale this month, however, saw it dip back to $1550. Still that price itself beat any sale on eBay last year. 

Most of the grades lower than 9.2s are on the upward trend as well. Some gaining smaller than others, of course. 

For instance, a CGC 7.0 finally sold in the $700 range for the 1st time on eBay and recently. 6.5 slabbed copy hit the $600 range for the first time this year as well.

Hot? Yes, this 1st appearance of Moon Knight is still hot.

1st appearance & origin of Slapstick

Okay, Barry brought this one to my attention since the Mercs for Money is a topic of discussion in the current market. I wouldn't say the 1st appearance of Slapstick is ultra hot, but it heated up from the bargain bin it once was and not long ago.

Well, most things tied to Deadpool nowadays is hot, and so is Harley Quinn. I wonder if the Big Two will come together to do a Harleypool, or, at least, a Harley Quinn/Deadpool crossover just to cash in?

Both are cash cows at the moment for the two publishers. Anyway, back to this zany character of Slapstick. This character came out in 1992, and was actually voted the best new Marvel character of 1992, beating out Carnage?

Wow, okay. However, despite this best new character poll back in 1992, Slapstick didn't make that many appearances. 

From 1992 to 1994 the character only had 9 appearances and poof! He wasn't seen again for a long time and for at least a decade.

Well, he is sort of making a come back, and even though he began appearing in comics before Deadpool and his Mercs for Money, I think Deadpool and his band of mercenaries for moolah are mainly responsible for comic fans or speculators talking about him a lot more. 

So back in April, this comic was a bargain bin buy. The whole limited series could be gotten for $1.25.

Fast forward a few months after, and this comic heated up a bit.

Gotta laugh, but we'll see how this one continues to do. No CGC sales as of yet and that shouldn't be any surprise. 

eBay | Amazon | ComicConnect | ComicLink

Strange Tales #111 pic
2nd appearance of Doctor Strange
1sr appearance of Baron Mordo

Hmmm...dunno if it was the trailer that came out or whatever, but something lit a fire under the ass of this key issue and 1st appearance of Baron Mordo and 2nd appearance of Doctor Strange this year. Some pretty significant jumps for some grades this year.

This comic was on the radar for a while though, but not many copies have been flung out in the market since 2012. Well, CGC graded copies that is.

Not sure how raw copies have been doing. I don't see an abundance of them on eBay currently.

Alright, how has this comic been doing this year? Well, let's check it out.

Since, there hasn't been any high grade sales of Strange Tales #111 that I could find in the NM range, we'll look at CGC 8.5s. Gocollect has a single CGC 8.5 sell for $1125 this year in March.

Prior sale of a CGC 8.5 on eBay was in December of last year and sold for $850. A $275 increase isn't spectacular but it's better than dropping for sure.

So, Heritage sold an CGC 8.0 copy early this year in January for $657.25. As for this grade this year on eBay, it has shown some interesting sales since then. A CGC copy last year in December sold for $935, and then a single sale of a graded copy this year in April was a whopping $1450?

Not exactly sure what that's all about, but if it was the same copy that sold on Heritage and then later for $1450 on eBay, I'd say that's a pretty nice flip. Far as I can tell, they both have different certification numbers. Could be impulse buy, but this issue hasn't made it to market that often, especially for slabbers.

Anyway, pretty interesting. CGC 7.5s look a little more reasonable. Not a huge gain, but they still hit the $900 range on eBay this year for the first time. Highest sale in 2015 was $799.95.

No 7.0 sales this least not yet. There is a copy on ComicLink that's going for auction right now. It's been bid up to $415 with 10 more days to go at the time of this writing.

6.5s saw a jump this year. Then again, there wasn't any sales on eBay for this graded key for 2015, and I couldn't find any other sales data elsewhere for Strange Tales #111 CGC 6.5.

In two years, it looks like that grade doubled in value, but then again, there's only been one sale this year on eBay I could compare to. Well, one sale I could find that is.

Might as well talk about it since it is a discussion among speculators and comic fans. So Mercs for Money recently got their own title. Slapstick #1 got a bit of heat.

The team first appeared as Heroes for Hire in Deadpool #1 of the 2015 series. That issue has a ton of variants and reprints, and I won't get into those just yet. The #1 regular cover most likely has a large print run.

ComicChron has the yearly estimated sales of the regular cover at 180,565. So let's talk about variants for this 1st appearance of the Mercs for Money team as Heroes for Hire, which Luke Cage ordered a cease and desist order. We'll get to that in a moment.

So we have the 1:50 variant cover by Katie Cook. With an estimated print run of 180,565 for the regular cover, this variant should be estimated around 3,611.

Then there's the 1:100 variant cover by Kris Anka, and the estimated print run should be around 1,805 or a bit more. Maybe even at 2000. Both the 1:50 and 1:100 variants are retailer incentives.

Katie Cook 1:50 variant and Kris Anka 1:100 variant

There's also the Rob Liefeld Big Red Comics exclusive variants. One is a black & white sketch, and the other in color. Now, I ain't 100% sure, but some sources say the cover in color was limited to 3,000 and the black & white sketch variant was limited to 1,500.
Because Luke Cage got a cease and desist order, the team of Deadpool, Madcap (who was impersonating Deadpool to try and ruin his reputation), Terror, Stingray, Slapstick, and Solo had to change the name of their business. The result was Mercs for Money and that was seen in issue #3 of the 2015 Deadpool series.

So some sources have listed issue #3 as the 1st appearance as Mercs for Money. Makes sense, and the regular cover estimated print run for issue #3 of the comic series is around 72,357.

There's also a retailer incentive variant for that issue as well. There's a 1:20 variant so that's around an estimated 3,617. It's a Rob Liefeld homage to X-Force variant cover by Rob Liefeld.

He did a homage cover of his own cover? Hahaha!

Well, not saying that a large mass of speculators are speculating on any of these key issues, but thought I'd just throw them out there for those who are hardcore/high risk speculators that read this site.

Oh, yes, and the Deadpool of Mexico, Massacre, 1st appeared in Deadpool 3.1 of the 2015 series. Dunno if that has a variant or a more rare 2nd printing or whatever. Don't really care either. The Mercs for Money keys aren't hot at the moment or time of this writing. Just wanted to make that clear.

Alright, taking another break from this beast and getting into something else before we return to this series and more hot key comics of 2016.